My Favorites Revisited !!

I love this Place !!

I love this Place !!

On June 7 2008 I posted about My favorites (Food Places)  Revisited would be My Favorite Movie Scenes At Least the Top Ten

10.  They Live  (Rowdy Piper – Keith David Fight Scene  (A must see!!!)

09. Batman (Michael Keaton Batman introduces himself to crook on the roof)  “Tell your Friends about me  I’m Batman”

08. The Godfather (Opening scene)  Probably Marlon Brando’s best work

07. The Caine Mutiny (Courtroom Scene)  Nothing beats Bogart!!  Every military movie courtroom scene is patterned off that or close to it.

06.  Towering Inferno (Some of the best stunts for the time) The Final Scene before the Water Tanks go.  The look on everyone’s face you just know all hell is about to break loose.

05.  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Probably the best western ever made)  The final showdown scene with Van Cleef -Eastwood-Wallach.  Cmon probably one of the best climatic scenes ever.

04.  Forest Gump  –  The scene where Tom Hanks is standing over his late wife Jennys grave.  One of the saddest scenes in movie history..favorite cause it showed the power of true love.

03.  Tombstone –  Train Station Scene – Wyatt Earp kills one of the bad guys and tells the other that hell is on its way.  You just know holy crap chaos is about to ensue.

02.  Rocky Balboa ( Horrible movie I thought)  But the scene outside the restaurant where he tells his son about the ups and downs of life.  Truly a moving and inspiring scene!

01. The Exorcist (Argueably the scariest movie ever made)  Every Scene where there is interaction between Father Damien and the Demon.

At least that’s how I see it when it comes to some of the best Movie Scenes…Just a Quick Cinema thought

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9 thoughts on “My Favorites Revisited !!

  1. I love The Exorcist. Scared me senseless as a kid. I can’t wait to see it again. 🙂

  2. The cannon demolition clip is back up…

    BIG fan of Eastwood. That showdown scene is the best.

  3. slickman

    Hey Z its thursday night and I just sent a call out to all the super heros out there. they all said there in and are ready to go to war again.with your leadership and brave heart we know that you will win again. there is know dought in our minds that the youngest of the Mac Clan boy is ready to lead again. Zman you are down there and we are up here but I know we all together in this fight. we love you and will allways be there for you.goodnight and may god bless you.

    Zman states – Thank you thats very kind. I am not ready to throw in the towel just yet so yeah lets fight!!! Love to All….

  4. This is unbelievable but I haven’t watched any of these movies! Yes, I haven’t watched Godfather 1 and 2 (There isn’t a 3, right?) nor have I read the book! Seems like these movies are Action, Western, Thriller, etc.

    Much Love,

    Zman states – HAHAH thats funny. Surely you must have seen Rocky Balboa that was just out a yr or so ago and Forest Gump is not that old either. But the others are a little ahead of me too but they are good flics recommend…Yeah there is a Godfather III…..

  5. Thanks for the “HAHAH”, it really helped my patching up of my humiliation for not watching these movies LOL. Maybe I’ve seen the trailer of Rocky Balboa lol. I’ve heard Forrest Gump a number of times before. And yes, I’m gonna download it right now, will probably be finished tomorrow! Now I hope you’re happy! 😛

    Much Love,

    PS, I thought independent bloggers rarely comment back. lol!

  6. highway

    hey bro saw that house being blown up that was some funny stuff great video your buddy is fricken hilarious kudos bro

    Zman states – Yeah funny stuff…

  7. The Godfather scene is a classic. Love it.

    Zman states – Yes definetely one of the best scenes ever at least in american cinema..

  8. K teacher

    I think the best scene in Godfather 2 was when Michael Corleone has his brother Freddo “whacked” in the rowboat….. the guy knows he’s gonna die & he starts saying the Hail Mary.

    Zman states – Oh i agree, it truly shows that Michael has snapped

  9. mom

    Well I guess I am the only one that has only seen two of the movies on your list. Towering Inferno and Forest Gump. I like all of Denzel Washington’s movies. MY favorite Clint Eastwood movie was Bridges of Madison County. Ok there is my list

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