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Sir I Can Ring You Up Here !!

Nice Place to Shop !!

Nice Place to Shop !!

To my way of thinking there are a few times in life when you should TREAT yourself to something.   Job Promotion,  Good Samaritan task etc so on and so forth.   Well maybe its me but I feel like my situation merits one of those times when you should treat yourself.   I was out with Penelope this weekend shopping and I could not figure out what I wanted,  should it be a luxury item or a small gift I just could not decide…..I know its a bit self centered to think like this being with the way the economy is and people should be saving….but I just cant help myself…So what to TREAT my self with is the question…..just a quick I want this thought

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Sunday Worship !!

JC vacationing in Rio !!

JC vacationing in Rio !!

Penelope and I dont usually make it to Church on Sunday or any day of the week for that matter.  We are just not churchgoers for one reason or another.  American Heritage Dictionary defines worship  as  ;  To regard with ardent or adoring esteem or devotion.  Now, I believe in God, I have said in the past he talks and I listen and I look around and try to notice his plan for me.   As I believe, I dont think someone needs to go to church to confess their sins or to be told by a priest or pastor what the bible says.  The Catholic church builds the ornate centers for worship but cant seem to fix the problems inside the building,  hmmh makes me think is this a scam???   So I think this, you want to devote yourself to God then keep him in your heart and every now and then thank him for letting you wake up that day.   I ask him to see me through the test or in my case TESTS he set before me, if he does bonus and if he doesnt well then looks I will be getting in the truck and going up to big house with whoever is guarding the gate up their these days.  One of my favorite shows I watch is the Actors Studio on Bravo.  And at the conclusion of each interview the host aks the actors “If their is a heaven when you die what would you like to hear god say to you when you get to the pearly gates”…I suppose mine would be    You spent the time I gave you wisely and I understand the choices you made..come on in…Just a quick religious thought.

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Blog = Writer ???


Well another dreary day around the ranch,  even the dog didnt want to go out and walk around.  The weekend is not suppose to be all that much better.   For me writing and maintaining a blog is about therapy and staying out of the shrink’s office.  I can put my thoughts down or rant and GET IT OUT without paying a huge bill, well I wouldnt be paying being that I am Navy it would be free.   Why is it that a large majority of the blogs I read, people want to be writers.  When did having a blog correlate to being then next Stephen King.  Well I will tell you it doesn’t.  Now there are some blogs that are good and I enjoy reading, and the people writing them are funny and abstract.  And yeah some folks have genuine writing talent, but to me its kind of like hearing the cab driver that is writing the next great american novel but he or she drives a cab in the downtime….I just dont get it…but thats me…Just a quick I am not a writer thought….

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