Inside The MARCC Part V !!

Where the Gates of HELL are located !!

Where the Gates of HELL are located !!

And so the saga continues…..I have written in previous posts about the tension between the LPO and W/C Sup that work for me, the LPO was Magilla and the W/C Sup was Smurfette.  Well Magilla and Smurfette had yet another argument  today.  The situation really aggravates me cause they argue about silly stuff and neither side listens to the other one.  Today was about the political stuff in the country, and for someone that has been in this Navy for a little bit I have learned the 2 things you really should not talk about in a w/c are politics and religion.  So they commenced to argueing about this person is this and you dont know what you are talking about and you dont listen and do you hear your self and so on and so forth.  Smurfette stormed into S/R and said that I better talk to my boy  (LPO) about this that and the next thing.  Magilla just laughed about it.  To me, if you know you dont get along with someone, then work go about your business and move on..try to avoid the person or dont talk to them or whatever.  Smurfette while hardworking and smart has not mastered that sometimes you dont get to choose who you work  for or work around.  Magilla tends to antagonize and not think when he talks…they both are making my life tougher by the day..dont need that right now…just a quick work thought.

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9 thoughts on “Inside The MARCC Part V !!

  1. Interesting how adults devolve into kids when matters of passion are discussed, isn’t it? Hope you’re doing okay, Zman. 🙂

  2. aren’t you allowed to shoot people in the Navy? I thought that was in the rule book…

    zman states – you would think..but no such luck

  3. pop

    You hit the nail on the head several times in the pastThere is a high degree of immaturity in the Service today.What’s more frightening there seems to be a lack of caring about this country and each other. I continue to work on my Navy Story

  4. highway

    he he well sounds like my job i work with dink and doink plus heckle and jeckle my 2 bosses are basically baseline retards plus the garage is made up of theives pervs losers peckers weirdos hey thats what makes up a dept of dpw we just call each other asshole thats how we settle it go figure well hey z-man when you fly this way we gotta go to vincents k teacher sends her love highway says peace

    Zman states – yeah something like that cept not quite that bad being that I am the boss in this situation…vinnys meal sounds good..

  5. highway

    floral park dpw is alsop known as bellvue

  6. highway

    floral park dpw is alsop known as bellvue im ready for my shock treatment

  7. pop

    Zman These people you talk about Have they had any time in a hot area?

    Zman states – One must guess by hot area Pop means combat, he should just combat and the equal to that would be UNDERWAY TIME..and that would be a yes…

  8. Chenille

    Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!

    Zman states – Thanks Dont be a stranger!! and you are btw the 600th comment this year WOO HOO…

  9. It is interesting how both smurfette and magilla are both fulfilling a need for each other even though they don’t see it and it is causing angst for you.

    Zman states – Hmm never thought about that, I wish they could fill that need in SILENCE…its funny NAKEDSOUL AND PEN OF PASSION dont tell you want to hear but they do tell you want you NEED to hear…

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