Imagine That !!

roadI can say this sucks but that would be an understatement.  I take alot of comfort in knowing the answer to one of those questions that everybody asks about themselves.  How will I leave this life, in what condition.  While I dont wish to buy the farm today, tomorow or anytime soon I have great peace knowing that this will someday get the better of me.  Most people I talk to worry about getting some hideous illness and suffering  NOT ME!!  or dying in some hideous gruesome accident NOT ME!!.   When Dr R told me about the lastest test results a feeling of  almost calm came over me.  Yeah like most I was upset but not fall to pieces oh my god life is over!!!.   What I have is beatable and Penelope and I will do that together AGAIN.  Its amost as if you put your mind in a place that you resign yourself  to the fact that the day will come when you say WELL SHIT doc I will send you a postcard from the hospice in BORA BORA.  I have learned from this lastest nonsense that people can in fact live with one lung didnt know that!!!! Just a a quick thats life thought

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7 thoughts on “Imagine That !!

  1. You’re an inspiration, Zman, a testament to strength and determination. My admiration for you grows leaps and bounds with every post you publish. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers, and I believe because you set your mind to it you will win. Period. You will.

    God bless you.

    Zman states – Thats very kind thank you!!

  2. slickman

    Hey Z I Think the lord gave us two of every thing just in case one goes bad. I like to say once a winner allways a winner and that means you won before and you will win again. having peace of mind and being peace with your self is a great outlook in life. I hope your felling good. Z when you go back I will be down ther for you and I do look foward to seeing you and penelope. good night and may god bless us all.

    Zman states – Thanks your the best

  3. Just Me

    I got your back boo. We will get through this one too. This thing keeps messin’ wit you, guess what? Sometin gonna happen to it! Sometin bad…

  4. highway

    hey bro we fight together all for one one for all we saw we came we gonna kick its ass

  5. Great thought! To worry or focus on death is silly, it is a waste of time. Death is simply a gate, another stepping stone along the journey, not the final curtain, not the end, rather another beginning. Live and love!

    Zman states- YEAH what he said..thanks for the support!!

  6. pop

    One more time into the pit. You have what it takes.In the words of Captain John Paul Jones USN
    ” Surrender? I have not yet begun to fight”

    Zman states – One more time into the breach…but yes another fight ..oh well so is life!!

  7. mom

    I’ve said it before you are one of a kind. You have the strength and courage some of us just dream of having. Penelope you are a gift from God you love my son so much and for that I am thankful. We are all here for you even the little ones.

    Zman states – I am just one person moving through life…

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