Rewards-N-Pink Slips 2009

Yeah I am looking at you !!

Yeah I am looking at you !!

Everyone has people in their life that are invaluable to them and others they wish would just GO AWAY.  So I was sitting in the theatre this morning reading the daily times, drinking my  double mocha half caffe half latte single twist when I started thinking about who would be on my list and why.  I am fortunate beyond anything to have more rewards then pink slips to give out.  My Rewards list would be

My Penelope – My whole world she is the reason for my smile and where I truly get my strength and courgage.                 

My Family –  I have the best brothers, Parents, Aunts and Uncles anyone could ever hope to have in celebration and trying times.

My Coworkers – If their was ever a group of strangers that stepped up and became friends in a time of need these are the guys and gals.. especially my peeps in PC and S &  R  and fellow First Classes….these people truly are the dream team!!

But their are Pink Slips to give out an unfortunate task.  Good news is that their are only 2..these two individuals truly deserve the boot out of my life and for good reason…Andy and John..I wish them the best but let them become someone else’s headache..oyyvey… Just a quick What’s the show today thought

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9 thoughts on “Rewards-N-Pink Slips 2009

  1. Too bad to have to have both lists, isn’t it? But a nice gesture to pass on those acknowledgments, Zman. Bravo, sir.

    Zman states – thanks!!

  2. you are nice…i generally hate people..and steer clear! 🙂

  3. Hi there!

    Ooh, what is this animal? It’s so.. furry and it looks hug-able, hahaha!

    Oooh, so who is Andy and John? It’s alright if you don’t feel like saying!

    I’ll probably give kudos to people that are close to me. The people around me are my friends and family, I try to always keep them close if I don’t wanna lose them.

    Zman states – The animal is a racoon…….You ever meet someone that is really creepy and gives you the willies..thats andy n john……

  4. Interesting exercise. Good for all of us to do. Some come to stay, however some come to visit and to go.

  5. highway

    well talk about pinkslips im gettin layed off so my list is as such
    village floral park well i say fy sea well go screw yourselves your a ****** union
    finally my old bosses see ya you bunch of ********** especially mike rich kenny 3 puto last but not least hey union president go get your shine box you loser



    Zman states – Ok tell us how you really feel!!!

  6. highway


  7. LOL, okay, maybe best to avoid Andy and John hahaha! Are raccoons really that big? Pardon me, I haven’t seen one of those in real life and the ones I usually see on TV are erm, sort of little ones!

  8. I have always wondered how the term “pink slip” came about. Why pink? 🙂

    zman states- good question will have to research it!!!

  9. pop

    Leafless About the term Pink slip This is what I have been able to come up with.Many years ago many corporations literally issued dismissals on pink paper.Why is still a mystery.Another comon belief is those pads of memo paper that every boss keeps on his/her desk for calls,appointments etc were used for this purpose(You’re Fired)They are pink in color.Finally there is a form that is used for layoffs that outlines benefits such as unemployment ins.Etc is also pink in color or at least one of the colors used Hope this helps

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