Siege at Portsmouth Day II !!!

I can see You !!!

I can see You !!!

Ok their are a few weird things about having surgery.  Having a catherter in your privates…while some it might be there dream not having to get up while watching the big game,,its NOT FUN Please take out soon.  I have a chest tube which is weird cause everytime I deep breath i can see the fluid in the tube move   THATS ODD.  Clear food diet,  chicken broth with apple juice and jello…mmmm delish can I have more !!!!!..moving is a major task in that I look like the borg getting recharged (FOR STAR TREK FANS)…Since i have pee tube I cannot wear britches  YEAH NOT FUN…But doc did say maybe go home on Monday..he was pleased in that he got it all and my lung looks The OLD MAN UPSTAIRS and I had a talk and I begged him to leave me be for a little bit with illness and all..I am sure the sluggish economy has him all busy with alot of new folks checking in who checked out down here cause they lost some cash in the market…anyways   this is me healing for Portsmouth…Just a quick healing thought

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5 thoughts on “Siege at Portsmouth Day II !!!

  1. Don’t worry, Zman, the Big Man Upstairs puts folks asking for stuff like you ahead of folks asking for money. He’s funny that way — He’s really into people.

    I can’t say it helped or anything, but I put in a word for you too. He normally doesn’t pay me much attention but maybe He heard me drop your name and took notice. 😉

    God bless. You’re in our prayers. Get better soon, bud.

    Zman states – Thanks knyt !!!

  2. Oh good luck healing with that Surgery thing. Just what happened to ya?!

    Zman states – Thanks for the encouraging words..I had cancer in my right lung…oh well it happens

  3. highway

    well dont worry about big man upstairs hes busy tending too other folks plus look i look up once and now and again and just say thanks he hears my prayers as he will hear yous little bro look as soon as you up and running me and k teacher were thinking about road trip hey we are pulling for you hang tough you are the power of strenght love you

  4. highway


  5. Shit, that sucks. Cancer sprouts in so many weird places. So you are a Cancer Survivor? Yes, I am pretty nosy, I would like to learn more! And considering you’re one of my new friends in the Blogging world, I want to know! 😛

    ZMAN STATES – Nosy is good from nosy comes education…ask away…….

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