NMCP Day IV – Inside the Ward !!

Can I go Home !!

Can I go Home !!

As we start day 4, My doc said (his name is Dr Strange by the way ) I maybe able to go home today if the stars align and the moon is in its right orbit.  The ward I am in is quiet as there are alot of older folk and I have not seen any children running around thank goodness.  Usually a ward like this you have your own private room which is awesome if you cannot sleep and want to watch tv or check the blog.  The nurses and assisting corpsman are all on 12hr shift..so you have the same nurse from 7 to 7 ..and if you are here long enough you will have the same nurse more then once.  Thats good for continuitinuity (i know i spelled that wrong)  of care cause you dont have to tell your story over and over again.  I must have told my story a 100 times since this 2nd version happened.  The food is okay they  feed you three squares a dayand its balanced but usually does not taste all that great.    I would rate the care you get at  NMCP to be outstanding ….I just wish i was not here so much to know that….just a quick wardlike thought

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6 thoughts on “NMCP Day IV – Inside the Ward !!

  1. Dr. Strange lol. Take care of yourself. At least you can use the internet.

  2. California Nurse

    Glad to hear you’re doing well! You sound more like a nurse than I do–come out to California and I’ll get you a job–we need good nurses. Take care of yourself, and remember we all love you; you’re the center of this family.

  3. Hang in there, Zman, it’s almost over. We’re still pray, and pulling, for you.

  4. highway

    well hang in there i know the chow sucks but you be home soon enough hey when i come down we will go get a couple baseball steaks hey im pulling for you bro

  5. Kristin

    Oh, my god Steve! Haven’t been on the blog in a long time, so sorry to see you are hurting again. Best wishes, your going to be up and at it again before you know it.
    I’ll make sure to check this more often to see how you are doing.

  6. slickman

    Hello blogers. This is slickman and I just got back from zmans place. If he lifts you up by just the blog you should see him in person. When I walked into the room on saturday I was moved by how much spirt and heart that he has. Zman is by far the strongest person I think i will ever know. I love his out look on life and can only dream of one day being as strong as him. SO any of you blogers out there if you ever get a chance to meet zman don,t let it get away. because he will make you look at life from a whole new angle and believe me it is a dam good angle. well thats all for tonight so good night. and may god bless the zman…

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