Recuperating From the Ranch !!

Heaven on Earth !!

Heaven on Earth !!

Turning the lights on in the theatre this morning was a good feeling.  It’s  almost as if  okay I am home things are going to be okay.  Not much to say other then I am feeling okay and as long as I can turn the lights on have a double mocha half latte hafe creme half caffe with a twist and read the daily times I am set…Just a quick getting heatlhy thought

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11 thoughts on “Recuperating From the Ranch !!

  1. I’m glad to know there are some things that make it all right for you, Zman. Welcome back.

  2. mom

    I am just following slickman on his comment from yesterday. I to walked into a hospital room, and saw a bright eyed young man with a great out look on live. His attitude is an example to all of us. You are truly the special person in this family to all of us. Zman keep that smile it’s great. To all the people who have sent well wishes to zman I want to thank you all and God will bless you all

  3. Is that your ranch up there?

    Hahaha, I know what you mean about getting Home. I get that feeling too. Whenever I’m in school or outside or if I’m not feeling well, I’m like, “I wanna go home and lie down, I’ll feel better.” or if I’m feeling sad, “I just wanna go home and everything would be alright. Mom would be there and.. Home.” Ooh touching! Hahaha.

    Now go and enjoy that Mocha Half everything hahaha.

    Zman states – The Ranch is called Heaven at Indian Bay Ranch..I wish it was a mine..just belongs to a friend. Thanks for the kind words…

    Much Love,

  4. Ooh your Mom commented too! Hi Ma’am! Hahaha!

  5. highway

    good to have you back in the shop lights on ready to roll hey hope you feeling better speedy recovery love the pic hopefully soon me and k teacher back home in lone star state cant take these damm new yorkers anymore

  6. highway

    oh latte mocha twist need to get me a coffee milk 2 sugars then he he he

    Zman states – Coffee regular comin up

  7. It tis the simplicity of being that illuminates our experience. Be well.

    Zman states – That might be the coolest saying I have ever heard..from this day forward if I ever use is it I will credit you for saying it..

  8. Looks like a good place for recuperating. Enjoy.

  9. Ah well, if it belongs to a friend, a good friend, then it’s also sort of yours, if you know what i mean!

  10. Friend of Lisa's

    Been keeping up on your posts…WELCOME HOME…rest and recuperate – soak in some sunshine. Hoping the worst is now behind you.

    Lynn (Friend of Lisa’s)

    Zman states – Thanks for the support….

  11. Very nice picture! I hope you are getting lots of rest here (looks like it from other posts, though). 🙂

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