From The Stables Today !!

This seems like a long walk !!

This seems like a long walk !!

As I dragged my ass to the stables today with the help of a triple shot of mocha caffe,  and barely made it to the computer to see the world  I realized the world is only slightly more interesting then my drama today.  As this is the closest I will come to leaving the compound for a little bit.  Not going to be able to turn the theatre lights on today, oh well guess reruns of Citizen Kane will have to do for the hungry public.  Its foggy out near me right now though.  I wonder whats going on at work right now????  I hope Magilla is not stirring things up…or is John creating hate and discontent….well off to watch the morning workout of the spanish mare…Just a quick thought from the stables…

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5 thoughts on “From The Stables Today !!

  1. This is beautiful, can I come visit you?

    Zman states – Sure, but let me pick the coldest, wettest most miserable month of the year. Thank you

  2. Looks peaceful. Have a great day.

    Zman states – Yeah it can be !!

  3. Hmm, just some thoughts running in your mind, huh? Maybe you’ll be back to work, enjoy the time off while you can. 🙂

    ZMAN states – thanks will do !!!!

  4. highway

    yeah i hear you z-man sometimes some days suck but hey there is always better around the next corner i tell you i would not mind going to the ranch for some time off listen baseball steaks surf and turf on your next trip north love ya bro

    Zman states – Come on down anytime, I will keep a light on and a fresh pot of coffee on the kettle.

  5. It’s a beautiful setting, Zman; a nice place to relax and get well. I understand the frustration you’re feeling all too well, though, and it’s no fun.

    Get well, Zman, and I’ll keep you in prayer!

    Zman states – Yeah its ok, I know frustration is what we both are going thru..but you find yourself on the other side of eventually. Thanks !!

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