ZMAN Defined !!

I was up and about this morning so I figured why not take the little guy for a walk.  He just loves peeing on trash cans and car tires and tries to sneak doing s0 hopin I will not catch him.  Nothing funnier then a 10 lb yorkshire terrier who thinks he is getting over on his owner.  Zues is my dog,

My Dog Zeus

My Dog Zeus

  and I tend to refer to him as the Zman henceforth the moniker.  While the Gazette is the journey of my life, I started it to talk about the antics of a little dog.  It’s funny when you see things evolve..Just a quick Zman thought

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8 thoughts on “ZMAN Defined !!

  1. He is a cutie and serves a wonderful purpose in your life. thanks for sharing.

  2. He’s a cute one. I had a seven-pound toy poodle for about 12 years. She was awesome, best friend I ever had, may she rest in peace.

    It IS funny how things evolve when you’re not watching real careful, isn’t it? Like your kids growing up, it just happens and you only notice it once in a while.

    Hope you’re doing great Zman and you’re always in our prayers.

    Zman states – Yeah he is the best, thanks I am ok

  3. highway


    Zman – Right you are !!

  4. pop

    Give my love to the little guy Pop

    Zman – k will do

  5. Cute doggie but he seems to be paralyzed on surprised in this photo! Like a Deer caught in the Headlights hahaa!

  6. awesome…nothing better than a big attitude in a little dog

    Zman – yeah its the funniest thing

  7. He’s super cute. How is it that the smallest creatures always have the funniest attitudes?
    Also thanks for the good thoughts for Americus…it means a lot!

    Zman – yeah he is a handful, your welcome I hope americus is feeling better

  8. Zeus is gorgeous. I love a dog with sass and plenty of character and Zeus has that written all over his face!

    ZMAN – Yeah he is a character!!

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