Percocet-N-Bloggin !!

Peacefulness is the Key !!

Peacefulness is the Key !!

Draggin my hind quarters into the theatre this morning was a chore in itself.  I was determined to turn the lights on and get things going but ahh screw it,  nothing wrong with whats playing for the time being.  Its amazing what a muffin and percocet will do for you in the wee hours.  I seem to have a cough and my shoulder hurts with some numbness on my inner arm but I do have a doctors appt tomorrow so maybe we can get some of this crap sorted out.  What an odyssey the  last year and half have been.   I was telling Penelope last night that a beach in Jamaica is looking better and better by the day……I just love some of the blogs I have been reading over the past week or so..its amazing the things you do when you have nothing but time on your hands.   Trying to keep my links inside of 14 or 15 is a task in itself.  There  is something very vouyeristic about blogging,  I think thats why most people like it so much….but who knows just trying to heal up and get back in the game…just a quick life thought

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8 thoughts on “Percocet-N-Bloggin !!

  1. Percocet and muffin — do you sprinkle one on top of the other for full enjoyment?

    Zman states – No but will take under advisement!!!

  2. pop

    It seems like I am driven now.This book must be finished. Going on the writer blogs and chat room helps a lot.Everyone seems to say don’t be in a hurry to self publish.Don’t spend your own dough if you don’t have to.Personally I believe that I’m as good any author out there,but only time and tide will tell. I cannot help wondering if the Audacity of Hope was his own work and not the work of a Ghost writer.I was promised that I would meet the writer that made Hillary famous.”It takes a village” was not her own efforts All she did was dictate as I’m told

  3. I think Jamaica sounds grand! Can I come

    Zman – The whole world is invited !!

  4. Penelope

    Easy there with the percocet skippy….I don’t want to have to carry you to the doc’s office tomorrow (although you know I would). Love you, et et.

  5. highway

    yeah i tell i can relate to the boredom thank god i returned to work the boredom is a real bummer wish i could have a drink or heck a short break from reality but life goes on as far as vouyerism well nothing wrong with watching and reading i think its ok listen z-man keep on putting on theater lights its good to see the daily show soothes the mind plus we have a good audiuence anyways time to jam gears im gone

    Zman states – Always good to hear the highwayman…dont know what jam gears means but ok

  6. Ah, the breakfast of champions — percocet and a muffin! Tell ya what, Zman — how ’bout I stop by and we have a double and pontificate on that Jamaican beach? I could use a percocet diversion from reality. 🙂

    Still in our prayers, bud.

    Zman – You are welcome as long as their is no discussion about you not working..!!!!!

  7. slickman

    Iam glad to see the lights come on each day. the show is allways a good one and for the acters well there ok to. I hope things get better soon. I would like to go to jamaican with the group but my bus only goes to jamaican queens. and thats not aplace where i want to run around naked. So for now I will just sit and wait around for the next show to start. thats all for tonight god bless you and the people you have touch so much.

    Zman – Jamaica queens is no place for nudists colonies….next show starts soon enough!!!

  8. Friend of Lisa's

    Hang tough there Stephen – sounds like those after effects of surgery are somewhat normal given the prodedure you’ve had. Thinking good thoughts for your doctors visit today. You should definitely be surfing the net for some good vacation buys – a nice warm tropical place is just what you and Penelope need. Warm sunshine and a frozen cocktail – can’t think of anything better right about now 🙂

    Zman states – Thanks ..appt went well today…

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