Serum In The Margins !!!

Alcohol Therapy !!

Alcohol Therapy !!

Actually left the compound today, I had an appt at NMPC  a follow up that is.  The doc who did the surgery was on convalescent leave for his knee though,  so I saw Dr F (one of his associates).  He said the Xray looked good and took out the stitches woo hoo.  There was some serum left over that should dissapate thats creating a little bit of puffiness around the scar but he was not worried about it.  The main good news is the good margins around the tumor that was taken out now we are back on the road to good health AGAIN….I did however get my percocet prescription refilled woo hoo thank goodness for painkillers….I think I should take Friend Of Lisa’s advice and take a vacation with some frozen drinks.   And no I will not mix the percocet with alcohol (YET)…just a quick good health thought…

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9 thoughts on “Serum In The Margins !!!

  1. glad to hear your good news, and thanks for the drink picture — it looks wonderful

    Zman states – Yeah thanks..i wish i was on some island with some drinks….gotta dream though

  2. Friend of Lisa's

    Congrats on the clean margins!!… Get searching for that vacation destination – ENJOY!

    Zman – Thanks for the support and for being there it means alot to penelope and myself…

  3. Congratulations on the great news! Now pick that vacation spot and let the brain freeze begin.

    Zman – Brain Freeze dont I have enough ailments or maybe thats a good ailment….its funny everyone thinks I should take a vacatin somewhere…dont know penelope are talking about maybe …dont know where would be a good place to go????

  4. highway

    well highway says its time to go to margaritaville and get lost in time nothing then a good reality check congrats on clean bill o health surf and turf is on highway love ya bro im out

    Zman – I thought you were opening the theatre today and changing the movie…dam you are the creative director…

  5. Sounds like good news! Hope you are enjoying warmer weather.

    Zman – Not totally warm yet but its getting their..thanks

  6. pop

    Really good news!! Now plan on that Vacation. May I recommend a few places
    The Virgin Islands
    Cancun Well got to get back to the wii I’m winning

  7. highway

    no problem give me the keys ill put the show on tommorow i got some great ideas anyway time for me to be a better director under your guidance hmm get back to me ill open up tommorow

    Zman – * Z places key in bag on pigeons foot ** secures bag** released pigeon***
    there you go pigeon with key enroute…make me proud

  8. I am so jealous. I want this drink…..and it is still before 7am! Do i have a problem?

    Zman – No its 5 oclock somewhere…so belly up to the bar and my barmaid will mix you up one

  9. Yay, glad it’s doing well for you! I remember having an operation too; it was a cyst thing. The good news is that it’s not Cancer, what a relief! My scars healed fine too.

    Go have some fun with that alcohol therapy and I hope you get better.

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