Sir I Can Ring You Up Here !!

Nice Place to Shop !!

Nice Place to Shop !!

To my way of thinking there are a few times in life when you should TREAT yourself to something.   Job Promotion,  Good Samaritan task etc so on and so forth.   Well maybe its me but I feel like my situation merits one of those times when you should treat yourself.   I was out with Penelope this weekend shopping and I could not figure out what I wanted,  should it be a luxury item or a small gift I just could not decide…..I know its a bit self centered to think like this being with the way the economy is and people should be saving….but I just cant help myself…So what to TREAT my self with is the question…..just a quick I want this thought

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11 thoughts on “Sir I Can Ring You Up Here !!

  1. Retail therapy is good sometimes. Buy American and you’ll be stimulating the economy. Whatever you choose, however, you’ll likely pay sales tax, and that’s good too. Shop away!

    Zman states – Retail therapy is good isnt it….well I will keep looking

  2. Friend of Lisa's

    I vote for a vacation for you and Penelope…!!!!!

    Zman – yeah would like too just cant get away right now…thanks for the thought though

  3. pop

    Go ahead and treat yourself. There is nothing wrong with being good to yourself as long as you remember Penelope

    Zman states – Will do

  4. You deserve the treat Zman. Let us know what it is when you find it. 🙂

    Zman – Thanks will let you know as soon as I know

  5. We all should treat ourselves from time to time. Of course the treat does not have to be a material one, think about it from a spiritual angle, what could you treat yourself with that is not material?

  6. highway

    hmm yeah i hear you i like to occasionally treat myself to something nice either a pair of boots new hat shirt who knows hey you cant take it with you so what the hell i like to also spend money on my k teacher love her to death that my boy is highways heart and soul well im south bound and down

  7. Oh, you go treat yourself, you deserve it after the operations!

    I remember my Dad got me anything I wanted last year after my cyst operation. Sort of like a reward LOL.

    So get yourself something too! 🙂

  8. Ooooh, I love treat time. 🙂


    Zman – Yeah huh dont we all….thanks for stopping bye

  9. luxary item! And you deserve it! Will you buy me something too?

    Zman states – Sure whatever you want…
    *Zman takes out pad and pen from drawer*

  10. Treats are vital. What’s a life without a little splurge now and then? Plus, if everyone stops shopping the economy will really be in trouble :).

    Zman – Still looking for the right treat…

  11. The way to save the economy is to spend. Consumption accounts for 70% of the U.S. GDP. Feel free to treat yourself, though not too much.

    Zman – I can always count on leafless for the econmic perspective of shopping rewards..thanks for being there though…

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