Makin Friends !!

Friends that keep on giving !!

Friends that keep on giving !!

I just could not bear the pain any longer  so Penelope took me too NMPC…Dr S was able to fit me in this morning.  He determined it was some irritated nerves in the ribs from the surgery.   So I made a few new friends today…Neurontin,  Lortab,  and Celebrex.  I dont know these guys but Dr S tells me they are super friendly during times like this.  I hope he is right because Percocet and I are not on speaking terms right now…just a quick friendly thought.

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8 thoughts on “Makin Friends !!

  1. Hope these friends help your woes instead of contribute to them, Zman. Best of all things, bud. Keepin’ ya in prayer.

  2. Strong stuff you are on it seems and be sure to watch out for side-effects especially with celebrex.

    Hopefully you do not have to be on these for long, but there are natural and alternative therapies always if you are interested. Even mindful meditation can do wonders for healing our bodies and reducing pain.

    Zman – Thanks for the advice…i would like to find out about alternativ methods…

  3. I have been friends with Celebrex before and I can attest to the friendliness. Hope you feel better soon!

    Zman – Your words go along way to heal thank you….

  4. I hope your new friends banish the pain and treat you well.

  5. At least you made some friends who all promise to keep it easy! Damn those nerves, they don’t have a reason to be irritated!

    Zman – Dam them!!!

  6. highway

    hey bro listen be careful with new freinds they can turn out to be a bad deal hey hope you feel better k teacher and i are here for you love you bro

    Zman – Thanks for the advice i will be careful…..

  7. MMMM can i have some? 🙂

    Zman – Now Now sharing prescriptions not exactly legal but i guess whats a little percocet between friends…

  8. I won’t tell… 🙂
    Hang in there…

    Zman – K thanks….

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