Life 101 – Facts about the Zman

Feb 68'  Highwayman - Slickman - Shantyman

Feb 68' Highwayman - Slickman - Shantyman

Since I have been around the blogosphere I have noticed certain things about people that I would like to point out so everynow and then I will do a Life 101 and see if you have noticed them too..I will start with your’s truly and beware cause in the future no one will be off limits unless you let me know ahead of time.

10.   I chased Penelope  (my wife of 8 yrs) for nearly 6 mos before she agreed to go on a date with me.
09.  I was born and raised on Long Island
08.  I only had a few girlfriends in high school, but once I Joined the Navy (HEY NOW)  Sep 92 Enlisted
07.  2 Time Cancer Survivor
06.  Was arrested in Japan for drunk and disorderly on a bicycle, after being at the police station for an hour, no one noticed I just walked out the front door that was that.
05. Dont have any sisters, 3 older brothers
05.  For some reason I love 70’s disaster movies
04.  Tried a few drugs when I was younger,  weed, acid, shrooms.  Thats it nothing more then that…plus my first fours years in the service I was a booze hound,,,but penelope straightened me out
03.  My favorites noise is the sound of breaking waves,
02.  Have been all over the world except france and italy..been to antartica been to iceland as well.
01.  My worst fear is being alone I hate being by myself..
So there are just a few things about me..just a quick thats the zman thought
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17 thoughts on “Life 101 – Facts about the Zman

  1. Wow, what a good peek into your life, Zman!

    That’s a cute picture, too! I think I may borrow this idea for a future post, if you don’t mind. 🙂

    zman – anything for you!!!

  2. Nice snapshot, Zman!

    I love number 3, by the way. It might be my favorite sound too.

    Zman – Did i miss something or did you mean waves are your favorite sound as well..or is the number 3 your favorite sound???

  3. Haha! That’s a cute photo of you!

    Those are some fun facts of you, I like the part wherein you got arrested in Japan and no one ever knew you disappeared!

    Good thing Penelope is there to straighten you out. Drugs are sort of cool but never good to the body.

    I think you mentioned before that you’ve been in the Philippines LOL.

    Zman – yeah philippines in 95’….yeah the japan thing was funny!

  4. highway

    nice pic i remeber that one arthur treachers damm we were small great picture bro hey let me get some of them greasy fish and chips nah forget it im going to umbertos love you guys

    Zman – Yeah thats a great pic huh…i remember when moms worked their with mike that was a funny time!!!

  5. Friend of Lisa's

    Nice facts to know…thanks for sharing…I’m sure Penelope was worth the wait 🙂

    Zman – yeah she was she is the best thing in my world…

  6. Thanks for sharing what appears to be a life full of adventures and blessings.

    Zman – yeah thanks I have been blessed in alot of way …the journey has been extraordinary albeit bumpy right about now…!!

  7. Crazy cool bro. Thanks for serving, thanks for sharing.

    Zman – thanks anything for a buddy of mine

  8. slickman

    Hey Zman love the pic. I remember that like it was yesterday. The good old days when we all had lots of hair. growing up and living on long island is cool but one day when it comes time i will move to a warmer place. Zman you hang in there and feel beter for we are all pulling for you. Easter is all most here and the kids can,t wait to go egg hunting. Welll thats all I have for now. So take it easy and one day at atime good night god bless good bye.

    Zman – Yeah those were some good times, i remember i was there and dad was picking mom up at work…the place was near closing time weird the things you remember….thanks for being there slick it means alot to penelope and I …I think it might time to put the slickman title back up for grabs???

  9. penolope

    YOU are the best thing in my life. Don’t forget it!! Love you baby..

    Zman – your the best baby….

  10. Lovely photo!

    Wow, you have traveled far and wide! I love how you walked out on your potential incarceration – lol!

    There is nothing like love to turn a life around.

    And because of number 5, I have the song, “There’s Got To Be A Morning After” stuck in my head. I loved the original Poseidon Adventure.

    Zman – Just trying to share my adventures with everyone!!

    Thank you, zman, for your service to your country. My son is in the Canadian Armed Forces. I know the sacrifices you all make and it’s truly appreciated.

  11. Now I know everything about you! I am glad your wife made you chase her 🙂

    Zman – You know a little bit but there is more to tell…yeah penelope is the best

  12. highwayman

    highway and the crew awsome pic

    gotta love it you got z-man highwayman slickman shantyman

    best brother team hey love you guys

  13. highwayman

    z-man keep posting theses awsome pics brings back good memories yeah i also agree with slick soon down line highway and k teacher are heading home to lone star state to all bloggers fyi lone star state is home to highway ok all be well love to penelope and the z-man

    Zman – yeah i love the pic i was not sure about the order…memories are a good thing

  14. k-teacher

    Great pic…especially the cutie in the red overalls!

    Zman – yes the one with the big noggin..look at the head on that boy!!!!

  15. you haven’t been to ITALY?

    well that’s the only place worth going?!

    Zman – Some people have told me as much..maybe someday!!!

  16. Keep fighting that evil disease.

    My brother-in-law is fighting lung cancer right now. His lack of insurance forced him to wait a long time for treatment, but the treatment is working.

    I will add you to my prayers.

    Zman – My sympathies to your brother..the only choice is too fight…thanks for the support

  17. Your life is an adventurous one. Keep it going!

    Zman – Thanks leaf But I need a little less adventure a little more serenity…but thanks for the words..

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