Busy Doing Nothing!!

Hurry Up  NOT !!!

Hurry Up NOT !!!

It seems like it has been busy around the ranch the past couple of days but we have not really done anything around here.  Feeling 100 % better every morning and I am definetely ready to go back to work next week woo hoo.  One of the things that I cant say for sure is how much longer I am going to need the PAIN MEDS, in that you cant drive on these things but I still may need them so something is going to have to be worked out well see.  My niece Fefe had some of her friends from NYC up to the house this weekend, nice guys you forget how much you miss the city until some fellas that live there come visit.  Her birthday was recently so we celebrated at this local joint called The Melting Pot  It was neat,  its a fondue style eatery.  The bill was a little high but it was different dining experience all together that I enjoyed.  WrestleMania 25 was on last night so I just had to watch, I did call my bro and rub it in that I was watching it, he has the kids and doing the family man thing sometime does not fit in to such leisure activities.  So today as I meander around the ranch I will look back on weekend that seem like I did something, but really did nothing thats weird…just a quick did nothing thought

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15 thoughts on “Busy Doing Nothing!!

  1. shantyman

    I was never really into the wrestlemania stuff. I am not sure why it did not stick… ,maybe just the fact that I always running out of the house instead of running to the tv, not sure. Anyway, I wanted to post last time but could not remember how… maybe it wasn’t anything but a millie moment Zeus!

    Zman – HAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH Was that an Aunt Millie joke ahahahaa..thats a new one…..yeah it was fun to watch for a sunday night…..i am good though getting stronger everyday….thanks

  2. Doing nothing is a great way to pass the time! Enjoy it while you can!

    Zman – Trying my hardest ..boredom can only be enjoyed so much though time to get back to work…thanks

  3. Hope you’re feeling better fast — and careful of those pain meds

    Zman- Thanks…but the pain meds are sooo good..hahaah thanks friend

  4. Yay, glad you’re feeling better now! Don’t forget to take those meds.

    There was a time I dig WWE/WWF but as days go by, I became less and less interested with it. I only watched the part wherein the Pussycat Doll Nicole sang America The Beautiful.

    Zman – yeah she was pretty good I thought…thanks for the encouraging words…

  5. OOO I love the melting pot…and that pic you got up there….that is what I am doing today! 🙂

    Zman – Yeah it was neat, sometimes you have stop and smell the roses…

  6. highway

    i hear ya im just chilling today got home early had roadtest for bus license passed with flying colors now highway can drive everything except tractor trailer yeah thats next hurdle wooo hooo anyways man city folks are a-holes i myself like country folk so whos thios fe fe person new face in the office anyways im returning to my desk with my coffee and donut gotta get creative well highway is east bound and down

    Zman – Ms Fefe is niece on Penelope’s side, congrats on license good on ya…

  7. Yeah, doing nothing can get old really fast. Of course, once you’re back to work you’ll wish you had more time to kick back – lol!

    I haven’t had a fondue in years!

    Zman – Its weird how that happens like that…yeah the fondue joint was neat…..i liked it

  8. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better, Zman. Hope your need for pain meds is greatly reduced or eliminated by the time you go back to work.

    Keeping ya in prayer as always.

    Zman – Thanks

  9. pop

    Hey Zman who won the war between HHH and Orton?
    Also did anyone Kick jericho’s ass? I want to see Stone Cold come back.hahahahahah

    Zman – Triple H won the war but the match was a letdown with the kind of buildup I expected more….and Jericho beat up the 3 Legends but go punched out by Mickey Rourke it looked really good….Stone Cold was there he looked in his usual form…..

  10. pop

    WWF night at the McD house in NHP The guys we were all there to watch the Hulkster slam Andre.We were all there to watch the Super Fly.We were all there to boo The Shiek, and Nicholai Volkoff. WWF night was an important TV night Yeah it was Pop,Moms Zman,Highway,Shanty,Slickman and we even had the Ron there too Great memories

    Zman – Yeah those were some fun times, thanks for the walk down memory lane

  11. Glad to hear that you are on the mend. The Melting Pot is one of my favorite places to eat! Can’t go too often because as you said it does cost a few bucks!

    Zman – Thanks yeah I feel good so far ….Yeah the MP was a few bucks….but good to go their once in a while..

  12. Of course she’s good – she’s one of my favorites LOL. I’m biased, I think, hahaha!

  13. you just HAD to watch. well i want to know who was there with a knife to your throat… because thats the only logical explanation I can think of as to why you’d be watching that.

    Zman – Its fun the watch its like a soap opera for guys

  14. that is the best kind of time off…when you look back and think, “damn! I didn’t do jack squat!”

    Hope your getting better…sends me your pain meds if you don’t want them.

    Zman – Yeah you would like to do more with time off…i.e. beach lounging..fishing..etc..but this was a pain vacation unfortunetely. Send you my meds sure why not…..NOT your cool but not worth time in county lockup

  15. I manage to do something and nothing all the time!


    Zman – Good on Ya ahahha.

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