News In and Around !!

Peace Therapy !!

Peace Therapy !!

Dragging my self to the theatre was not such a chore today,  I actually feel pretty good these day.  As I sit pondering what a bowl of coccoa puffs would do for me, I am thinking about some things going on in my life.  Penelope is bringing the dog to the vet this morning (driving there as we speak), she hates taking him she thinks we are torturing him by doing so.  The little dude needs to get some dental work done, as yorkies are prone to dental decay.   Back to work Tuesday, I have been gone from work since the 11th of March.  There is no doubt in my mind someone in the division that I run, has tried to reinvent the wheel (that’s a figure of speech used alot in the Navy for Sailors that do stuff that is uneccesary to try and get ahead) so I will have to contend with that when I get back.  I feel good, some pain here and there but all in all I am ready to head back to the MARCC.  My Aunt Dot  FEDEX’d an UMBERTOS pizza to me a few days ago,  I received it Tuesday and the part I ate was mmmmmm GOOD.  Umbertos is a New York based pizza joint.  I had to trash half of it because the packaging for half the pie was shotty, and being that it’s cheese did not want to take a chance with it.  Well off I go, the show for today is ready so Coccoa puffs here I come…just a quick life news thought.

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10 thoughts on “News In and Around !!

  1. highway

    yeah umbertos is pretty good but thats how highway feels yeah k teacher and i have to contend with the teenaged one for next 3 days life hmm anyways hows the z-man and mrs penelope my love to all yeah i best get back to my desk time to get creative ok im going highways southbound and down

    Zman – Yeah Umbertos is pretty good….hey highway pls refrain from negative langauge (that i had to delete) in the future thanks bud…

  2. mmm now I want cocoa puffs. Thanks for that.
    Never heard of that pizza, however I am from nyc. 🙂
    But haven’t lived there in forever.

    Zman – Anytime haahah

  3. pop

    Up here in Glen Cove we have a place called Forest Pizza. His food is pretty good.As a matter of fact Moms and I took Highway and K teacher there when they were dating. I heard from USNA yesterday and now I can add realistic and believable time lines to one of my characters in my book.I told a friend of mine who is himself former Navy about the book, and he told me the same thing the Zmanowner told me ” Don’t jagercize it Tell the real story” That is what I am doing. After that I may go in another direction.Zmanowner wants me to tell the story of my life.Perhaps I’ll talk about the cold war, and the days when the Eagle and the Red Bear ruled planet earth

    Zman – I didnt tell you to tell the story of you life, i was saying that you have an interesting story to tell…..

  4. Never had Umbertos, but now I want some!

    Good luck at work.

    Zman – Thanks for the support…Umbertos is the best pizza ever… but I bias though…but its good

  5. Sounds like another good day! Enjoy your Coco Puffs and the show.

    Zman – Its lookin like its going to be a helluva day…mmmm coccoa puffs

  6. “cuckoo for cocoa puffs! cuckoo for cocoa puffs!” – is now stuck in my head for the day – lol!

    Love the photo – all the open space, the lush green.

    I understand how Penelope feels, but we really do have to be cruel to be kind sometimes.

    I love when you get a care package with something you’ve been craving and missing – half-squashed or not!

    Have a stupendous day.

    Zman – I hate when people hum tunes and then its stuck in your head hahaahhhaha..yeah it was great care package to get…..thanks …

  7. Is there anything Cocoa Puffs won’t make better somehow? One of the Lord’s great gifts.

    Glad you’re feeling better, Zman; we’re covering you in prayer, bud.

  8. Cocoa Puffs are awesome…

    Zman- Yeah it was coccoa puffs or fruity pebbles…tough choice

  9. Glad to know you’re doing well and recovering REAL FAST! It’s funny how someone should FEDEX a Pizza!

  10. Anonymous

    Glad you’re doing great. A little vacation time is always a good thing. 🙂

    Zman – Yeah hoping some time soon thanks..

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