Quiet !!


I love the night.  I always have, especially since I dont live around the noise and insanity of the city.  Its 1256 AM right now and all I can hear is the tapping of my fingers against the keyboard.  If I go outside I can hear the occasional car go by, but thats about it.  With so  much going on these days the one thing that most people dont understand, despite how much they say do is the value of Quiet.  Sitting by yourself and evaluating who you are and where you are.  The darkness, the silence and a warm breeze blowing on your face.  Forget life for a little bit, thats true wealth right there.  It gives you a chance to clear the cobwebs and in some cases apologize to yourself for some things you have done or didnt do in your life.  At night at times like this I sometimes email my dad and talk to him as if he is right there.  (Yes he is alive and kickin).   The night and the quiet is almost like a second chance or like we would say when we were  kids A DO OVER…Just a quick Silent thought.

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14 thoughts on “Quiet !!

  1. Silence truly is golden, isn’t it? We don’t take the time to value it enough.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    Zman – I do what I can ….

  2. highway

    yeah i can hear that no pun intended i love the silence of the country to me there is nothing better when highway lived in el paso there was the quiet cool of the desert night all you could hear was the ocassional howl of the coyote or the gentle wind blowing in offf the sonoran desert i like the quiet times to me sitting in the plains watching my horses runn around thats heaven city life is too dirty noisy fast and crazy well im gonna get another cup of coffee z-man you want one well highway signing off

  3. highway

    soon this country boy heads home to the west texas plains saddle up boys its time to ride

  4. Ah, the night. My favorite time of day is between sunset and sunrise, and for much the same reasons. I love, love, love nighttime.

    Zman – I hear ya

  5. pop

    The night is my most productive writing time. About half of the book has been written at night. I’llturn off the TV and kind of sit here in front of the computer, and write, or read, or maybe I’ll turn the TV back on again and switch on the wii and bowl a while

    Zman – Nothing better then the silence of the night…course wii bowling is pretty good too

  6. penolope

    It’s my favorite time too. I get up at Zero Dark Thrity every day and sit downstairs in the office. Just me and Zeus. Nothing but quiet. I love it. Its my alone time for the day and it is what gets me going for the rest of the day.

  7. Life has certainly gotten noisy, I miss the peace & quiet of early morning when it feels like you’re the only one in the whole world who’s awake. The lonely sound of a train horn in the distance at 2:00am. All the noise masks the good stuff, fills our heads with interference.

    *the older & wiser

    Zman – Yeah sometimes life gets in the way and creates noise…

  8. Beautifully expressed, zman. Having time alone to listen to our uniterrupted thoughts (and the zig-zagging that occurs) is true soul quality time.

    Zman – I like the zig zagging idea its so true

  9. I live in the City, the first thing that bothers me the most is our TV downstairs because of my Mom and brother. If they’re not around, I simply turn off the TV, sit down, enjoy a book and the silence.

    Zman – You take it where you can get it right!!!

  10. great image and reflection

  11. I love this post. I love the night too! 🙂

  12. I love your thoughts on silence! Silence is so powerful when you allow it to be. Silence of the night when the rest of the world is sleeping is one of my favorite times of day.

    Zman – Thanks…night seems to be alot folks favorites from all the comments i recvd

  13. i completely agree. i get all my energy at night, i’m always up super late. no one calls. no one annoys me. no distractions… just me and my thoughts.

  14. Since when have you become Steve the philosopher? Can we have the old Steve back? Just kidding.

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