Back at it Again !!!

Back to the Madness!!!

Back to the Madness!!!

Seems like this is  getting to be and old story, but went back to work today…woo hoo.   I have been out of work since the 11th of March.  While most people would say yeah I would love be able to stay home paid for that long, I would trade the whole thing.  It was refreshing in some ways, I walked through the door in the new Navy Working uniform (No thats not me in the picture).  Having been away for a little bit, you tend to get a new perspective of some things, some things that you are looking at from a different angle.  I miss some of the people I work with and for me some of it is I miss being needed from a work perspective.  I dont work at an overally physical type job so it was a pretty laid back day….so now we begin again with the follow up tests.  But I am happy that things are getting back to normal AGAIN….just a quick back to work thought…

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10 thoughts on “Back at it Again !!!

  1. Welcome back to work, Zman!

    Zman – Thanks Knyt …..

  2. I can relate to wanting to feel needed. 🙂

    Zman – Yeah its a necessity at times..thanks for stopping bye dont be a stranger!!

  3. pop

    Some times going back to the grind is indeed the best medicine What do you think of the new uniform?

  4. It’s funny how when we’re off work we start missing the structure in our lives…

    Glad you’re back to work.

  5. Glad that you enjoyed your vacation now, time to get to work. At least you’re not going to get worked up physically like some other people.

  6. Missed ya!

    Hey….rude of you to side with my sis! 😛
    But I will still talk to you….ha ha

    Zman – Just callin like I see it…thanks

  7. Glad you are back at work. I am sure that in many ways it feels good to be back! Enjoy.

  8. highwayman

    feels real good to be working i love jamming gears nothing better gotta love the sound of a pete 387 rambling down the road

  9. well, its pretty awesome that you actually want to get back to work. i’m sure alot of people envy you for that!

  10. Good to hear that you are back and with good spirits. Enjoy.

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