King of the Idiots !!!!!

I am sure the Jackoffs Name is in here!!!!

I am sure the Jackoffs Name is in here!!!!

No ,matter how calm I get or retrospective from being sick, there always seem to be one individual that I wish would go away.  From time to time I rant about him and wish bad things upon him but nothing to seems to happen.  Their are actually two people I wish hate upon but at least the other is on another coast is retiring soon.  Hopefully his past will come back to haunt him and a prison cell will be in the offering.  But the one that affects me on a daily basis and  just will no go away.  Is it bad to wish someone ill will, maybe he will take a header into a moving truck or some accident will befall him and god will take him off my hands..or maybe I will transfer in 9 months and we will never see each other again…..just a wishful thought….

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9 thoughts on “King of the Idiots !!!!!

  1. I’ll never be the one to cast stones. I’ve done similar myself. I’m right there with you in the middle of it, Zman.

    Zman – Everyone says that…you have an opinion about someone that is based on actually seeing…cmon call it then…

  2. pop

    Grannie Mac had a saying and a belief
    ” Charity, Chickens and Curse always come home to roost” Simply put Wish someone ill will and misfortune, and eventually it will all come back to haunt you

    Zman – Yeah cancer x2 wasnt enough apparently…..these two are evil GO BACK TO SLEEP!!!

  3. steve. it’s difficult for me to remember people that i don’t wish ill will upon. so make peace with yourself. hah

  4. highway

    well my advice is this forget about the person you dislike it means nothing its easier to ignore the person then let them rent space in the head hey ive been there let it go it will only piss you off

  5. People can be evil – no doubt about that. And we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t wish they would pay for their evilness. Unfortunately, some evil people seem to prosper in this lifetime which only compounds the frustration.

    It reminds me of this quote:

    “It is a sin to believe evil of others, but it is seldom a mistake.” — H.L. Mencken

  6. I hate stupid people…they are always finding me!

  7. It’s true that working along side idiots can be a pain. But sometimes, one can’t live without them. They spice up your life with their fatuity.

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