Serenity with Questions!!!

The best things in Life!!!

The best things in Life!!!

Penelope, My Doctors and folks that have been through it.  What do these people have in common,  they are the only people that understand what is going  on in my head right now.  Yeah you tell your family, friends and coworkers things are good and that you are just tired.  But unless it has happen to you,  they for the most part are clueless on what goes on in your mind.  There are two things that I absolutely believe beyond any doubt,  the darkness of the tunnel is never far behind me.  And I will not be one of the folks that Al Roker wishes a Hundreth Happy Birthday every morning.  Reaching retirement age (65) would be a great.  That gives me some years after Navy retirement to spend with my Penelope and to do the things we wanted to do when we had time to do them.  I truly love my life but I am realistic about how the future will more then likely roll out for me…Life is a bitch huh…just a quick thought

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13 thoughts on “Serenity with Questions!!!

  1. This is true of anybody who has been through a major illness or setback. The thoughts are different, but the pain and experience is there, too. Very few people will even want to understand what is going on. Most people prefer to think things are hunky-dory so they won’t have to worry or feel helpless. And there will always be one or two that will understand the goings on beneath the surface. 🙂

  2. We’ll keep praying for you, Zman. Always.

  3. highway

    bro i can really hear what your saying most ppl are oblivious to others i can relate to you when i lost my daughter most said i can feel your pain well ole highway say bs you dont know till you walk in my shoes im not gonna pretend to know whats going on im just gonna be supportive what ya gonna do except keep on trucking and stop and watch the sun go down from time to time as far as spending time in old age well ill see what the big boss upstairs has in mind he he he anyways time to get back to my desk and continue being creative love the zeus gazette my fav time of day

  4. highway


  5. pop

    You are absolutely correct.Those two words “I understand” Are the two most aggravating words in the English language.If you haven’t walked in those mocasins don’t open your mouth.I have never been through what you and Penelope have been through so yes I AM CLUELESS. You mentioned at one time that a former or presnt CO was there so they know.All I can do is pray that the Good Lord will spare you any further pain.Oh by the way drop me an email where on a ship would you find the Captains quarters? Keep the Faith

  6. What a gorgeous photograph!

    My mother always says that looking too far into the future is “borrowing trouble” … and sometimes I think she’s right. All we have is for sure and for certain is the moment we’re in right now…

  7. Friend of Lisa's

    Morning…I totally get where you are coming from. Instead of getting sad about getting older with each birthday, I celebrate! The stuff that rolls around in our heads (going to dark places) is not easy to avoid – one of the side effects of cancer that no meds can ‘fix’… Sending a hug to you…

  8. yea, but we hang in there, don’t we? Keep your head high! 🙂

  9. Life is wonderful and temporary for all of us! Your awareness will create your remaining time to that much richer if you so choose.

  10. Keeping things real. I like your attitude.

  11. Just Me

    I’m not letting go so you can’t either. Deal??

  12. pop

    Hey how bout a chuckle today. Our friends the French, specifically the French Navy are laughing hysterically tonight. The Somali Swashbucklers took off after a French man of War today (ooops)
    The Late Captain Kidd, and Blackbeard have to be spinning in their graves. At any rate I have to thank the nincompoops The Pirates would be a great closer to my book. My best to all Pop

  13. I don’t know about you Zman, but I feel CRAZY all the time….maybe that is why the crazies are always after me? Dunno.

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