For My Penelope!!!

She keeps the demons at bay for me…..

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7 thoughts on “For My Penelope!!!

  1. placesundpeople

    I love this one

  2. God bless you both.

  3. Friend of Lisa's

    Hello – is there a picture that should display? I’m not seeing it (yes, I’m wearing my glasses). Hope your doing well.

  4. Everyone needs and deserves a Penelope in their lives…I bet she feels exactly the same about you. Great song from one of the masters…

  5. pop

    Nat King Cole!! Zman I would have never thought it. You definitely have romance in your soul.That’s great. Oh incidentally When I see you guys later this month I wonder if Penelope can work her magic on this accursed desk top and make it run better?

  6. Just Me

    How can you beat that baby. Your the best. Love you, et et et

  7. Just Me

    Friend of Lisa’s should be seeing a slideshow of Nat King Cole. No big deal, if the song plays, that’s the point of the video; not the stills in the slideshow..You may want to insall Java on your PC. Maybe Adobe Flash too. They are both free. Just go to Google and type in each at a time and install them. 🙂

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