Life All Over!!!

Smooth Road Ahead!!!

Smooth Road Ahead!!!

There has not been a whole lot of excitement on the ranch or the office.  Things are moving along at work,  the  crew is great and they are working there ass off lately.  Most days are a grind getting up in the morning, but I guess the best way to move forward is to put one foot in front of the other and repeat process.  Things are calm at work,  new people check-in others check out.  Life on the ranch is moving along as well.  We have got someone to cut out grass for a little bit woo hoo, with the summer coming I would like to do some stuff around the house.  Penelope is well Penelope,  her job has an end date and she is looking for her next big work adventure.  As each day passes I feel better with less pain and more mobility, fore you know it I will be back on the bike and working out again.  My godson is having his first communion on Saturday, looking forward to seeing him and the rest of my family.  Wish there were more exciting things to say but sometimes calm is good….Just a quick life thought…

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7 thoughts on “Life All Over!!!

  1. May you have long days and fair nights, calm seas to sail upon for all your days, Zman. Still in our prayers.

  2. highway

    yeah thats what im talking about the road home for me its I-10 down to west texas plains yeah happy campers texas is home to highway anyways good to be here in the office z-man steak dinner when you come up its on me love you bro

  3. Sounds like life is pretty darn good, Zman! As it should be…

  4. Just Me

    Did someone say STEAK???? 🙂

  5. Calm and peace are what we all yearn for. A good life it is.

    P.S. First communion is a great milestone. My congrats to his family.

  6. Sounds like things are going well. Hey, I recognize this theme, hmmm! Looks good Z man!

  7. woo hoo and I LOVE this picture!

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