Bumpin Along’

Movin Right along!!!

Movin Right along!!!

There is not a whole lot of news from the ranch these days.  Things have seemingly gone calm.  As I get back into the pace of work I feel better and better everyday.   Penelope and I ventured up to the Island this weekend, and gotta say it was a great time.   Yankee Game (Damon hit a 10th inning walk off HR),  we went to some of my favorite eateries (Umbertos, NHP Diner, R&T deli).  Went to my nephews’ (n  Godson) 1st Communion, he looked great and handled it like a champ.  The family is great,  should have stayed longer at bros house but was tired.  While I hate the drive it wasnt that bad this time.  Trips like this make we want to live closer but we will have to see…Va to NY hmmm…..work is moving along but work is work.  I  feel better and better  I know the darkness is never far behind but Penelope keeps me grounded and keeps me ahead of it at all times.  Some hurdles ahead with transferring next winter and I dont know where to ..but things usually present themselves so no need to worry right now…I miss the blogging world as I use to write more often but so is life…just a quick thought

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3 thoughts on “Bumpin Along’

  1. highway

    well great to have you back in the bosses seat sorry we missed you guys on the road back home we had to go pu the youngster from school teenagers gotta love em even though you wanna kill em anyways will catch up with you and lisa over the summer love you guys

    highway is south bound and down loaded up and trucking

  2. Glad life is treating you well and I hope you’re enjoying a relaxing, fun holiday weekend.

  3. It’s good to hear that your life is progressing smoothly. That is all one can hope for, I guess.

    zman states – Yeah movin along thanks

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