Movin’ off the Ranch!!!


One of the things Penelope and I have started to talk about is where we want to live and settle down in the next few years.  We are pretty much resign to the fact that we will be in the Mid-Atlantic until I retire in 2012 (That cant get here fast enough).   Me,  I am pretty much crazy about living in either the South (Georgia, Florida) due to the cost of living and the weather or somewhere in North Jersey (Mount Holly-Westhampton) because of proximity to family.  For me it’s a very tough decision,  the pull of being close to family gets stronger as I get older.  Everytime I go north I remember the times I had growing up, and how close I am to my brothers and parents.  Penelope has said on more then one occasion that she will go where ever I want,  she is such a sweetie.  Her family is in New England, and I am sure she would like to be closer to her sibilings from time to time.  As with any move, there are issues in play such as cost of living and employment opportunities.  I will be retired, so as long as I pick up something moderate I can maintain what I made when I was still active.  Penelope is not big on commuting so her job search is a little more daunting.  Sometimes life is not easy..but we already knew that!!! just a quick moving thought

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7 thoughts on “Movin’ off the Ranch!!!

  1. Best of luck with the move. I’ve done it plenty of times, and I know it stinks. If you have your choice of places you can go you’re ahead of the game.

  2. It is so strange how we tended not to think much about our maternal family when we were young but become more fond of them as we get older. Nostalgia is a powerful thing.

  3. pop

    Zman Let me ask you this question. Where does Penelope want to go? She’s been a pretty good sport about all this,going here and there where ever the Navy took you.Sit down with Penelope and really talk to her. Where does she want to go? Remember this, the next duty station is just that the next duty station. It is merely the place you will spend the remaining years of your career Fellow military might agree with this anomally We are likened to nomads or Gypsies that travel from place to place never putting down permanent roots.Until one day we reach that point in time when we say “Enough” And you will reach that time and place where you and Penelope will say “Enough This is the place” Where will that be? Only you and Penelope know the answer.

  4. I love moving. And isn’t it great to have some time to ponder all the possibilities? I know when we moved away from family we did miss the day-to-day stuff, but is sure makes the times we get together even more special and it really limits the squabbling – lol!

    I hope you and Penelope find the perfect new place to call home.

    Zman states – I look forward to moving and settling down in one place FINALLY…thanks

  5. Just Me

    I go where you go sweetums. You know what I want already…:)

  6. highway

    well illl tell you miss k teacher and i well when time comes we heading back home yeah deep south for me texas to be exact dont think you wanna come to ny its an overpriced toilet anyhows way i see it even if you move far from home theres always a flight a phone call etc anyways love the pic thats my kinda living im gone

  7. I retired from the Air Force in 1999 and it was an interesting process deciding where it was I was going to choose to live. There are pluses and minus to every place. Trust your intuition, follow your heart, understand the job market and all will work out and if not, you can always move again, not like you have not done that a few times.

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