Cool Dude Alert!!!!

One of these cars is mine…would you care to guess which one!!!!

Car 1

Car 1

Car 2

Car 2

Car 3

Car 3


Just a quick guess what thought…

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10 thoughts on “Cool Dude Alert!!!!

  1. You strick me as a ‘Vette man. Stingray?

    Zman – Hmmm

  2. I am thinking it is car 3. Just a feeling.

    Zman – Hmmm

  3. highway

    ah stop being modest we know you own a bentley you big stud love ya bro

    zman – Hmmm

  4. Judging by the post title I’m thinking the blue corvette, but my first thought was like tobeme’s was the third one. I guess I’m cheating making 2 choices so I’ll stick with the corvette 🙂

    Zman – Hmmm

  5. pop

    I will neither confirm nor deny

  6. Fefe

    The BMW 750 is mine so uhhh…

    Zman – Fefe drives a Chrsyler 300…

  7. highway

    ok ill tell nahh let em keep guessing

  8. pop

    Aside from car guessing andstory writing yet another ambition enters my fertile brain I am committed to becoming a GREAT!!! chess player. Now here is the basic premise Anyone of average intelligence can learn the game in less than an hour. BUT, AND THIS IS A BIG BUT How many people of above average intelligence have spent a lifetime trying to master this game and cannot. Soooooo in addition to my writing I will persevere and attempt to become the senior version of Bobby Fisher.
    Yeah right… Well after you’re done laughing you can wish me luck. Checkmate

  9. Since you emphasized the word “cool” in your post, I am tempted to pick the second car. I bet you got this car recently.

    Zman – Hmmmm

  10. sunflower

    I picture you in A blue-green Caddy with fins not sure of the year

    Zman – Aaahh Sunflower offers a little stroll down memory lane…I dont remember the year either think a late 70’s…

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