OH !! OH !! I Know this One!!!!

Hmmm I know this or Do I ? !!!!

Hmmm I know this or Do I ? !!!!

Let’s play a game and see how much attention is paid to someone else.

HOW  WELL  DO I KNOW   THE  ZMAN!!!!   (Without reading old posts!!)

1.   What is Zman’s wife real name   …Penelope…Lisa….Carla…Darla….Sophia

2.  What is Z’s number one fear  …Agoraphobia…Hydraphobia….Nyctophobia…Arachnaphobia…Pensaphobia

3.  What ailment/illness did Z have in 2007…..Broken Back from Plane Crash….Pancreatitus…Cancer…..West Nile Virus ……Rickets

4.  What kind of work does Z do…Military/Navy…Military Sealift Command….Washington D.C Police Officer…Probation Officer….Coast Guard

5.   Where is Z originally From……New Jersey…..Connecticut….Maryland……Delaware…..New York


Besides his own blog what is Z’s Favorite Website……

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10 thoughts on “OH !! OH !! I Know this One!!!!

  1. ladyrohan

    Sue’s answers (from Beggar’s Shot Glass, which is currently closed, sorry, and you know this was a hard quiz considering I don’t know you too well, so I did my best)

    1. Penelope
    2. *guess* Pensaphobia
    3. Cancer?
    4. Navy? (crap, this is hard)
    5. New York

    Have no idea about the bonus. Would have been a smart ass and said mine, but I closed it.


    Zman – Went to your blog saw it was down hope you come back….as far as the answers..hmmmmm

  2. ladyrohan

    Haha, you pulled a fast one on us! hahahah

  3. Just Me

    Am I allowed to answer? Nah, it wouldn’t be fair, considering I’m married to you…:) Love you.. et et et

    Zman – Just to let every one know – Just me got all the questions right!!

  4. Well since I’ve never been here before I guess it’s shot in the dark time…

    1. What is Zman’s wife real name?


    2. What is Z’s number one fear

    Legal action from Antonio Bandaras and overusing “phobia” as a suffix.

    3. What ailment/illness did Z have in 2007?

    Sleep Apnea (zzzzzzz)

    4. What kind of work does Z do

    Underused extra on Sesame Street…Today’s letter is “Z”….

    5. Where is Z originally From



    Besides his own blog what is Z’s Favorite Website……

    “The Trouble with Young People Today is….”

    So, where’s my damned prize?


    Zman – Sorry Don as your aged group knows you dont get paid if you dont do the job properly!!! Thanks for stopping by…

  5. sunflower

    1. Hmmm I think Lisa
    3. Cancer
    4. Either Sealift or Military/Navy
    5. New York
    Bonus ?????

    Zman – hmmmmmm

  6. highway

    1- Lisa..hmm i think
    4-navy or military sealift i think

    bonus- this buddy of mine

    there you go campers highway gives you all the answers he he he as far as rest well into the corner for you all

  7. highway

    well also just wanted to check in oh answer to car quest suv bro guess our audience didnot get that one either good stumper bro love ya

    Zman – yeah it was okay huh

  8. hmmm… i got nothin.

    but i know what your other favorite website SHOULD be…


    Zman – I love your site, its entertaining and shines light into my day, however its NOT the site I go to right after I check my blog..

  9. lol @ Donald Mills!

    1. Penelope
    2. They all sound scary to me!
    3. Cancer
    4. Military/Navy
    5. I’m thinking New York

    and I always did suck at the Bonus Round…this one has me stumped!

    Zman – Hmmm

  10. pop

    Again I will neither confirm nor deny Soooooo let them guess, let them guess, let them guess

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