The Knyt and The Passion

PenLisa-NyctoPhobia-Cancer-NAVY-New York  and Facebook (Although I am very fond of all of the blogs on my blogroll….No one scored 100%…

I would think most people would read the details and think something tawdry is coming.   No, No Just wanted to take a minute and write about 2 of my favorite Blogs.  The DarcKnyt and Pen of Passion.

DarcKnyt (  A writer that seems to able make people smile and laugh, even with his own situation in trouble.  The Knyt’s posts range from his writing problems to his adventures at the local library to his inept knowledge of what is a good western movie.  He always seems to be able to mix in his own problems and make you feel that you can be part of his solution just by saying hi how ya doing.  Although I dont know Knyt, he has been there for me when my own journey was dark.   To me he is an outstanding writer and a good friend someone I would recommend to anyone and his blog is top shelf that all should give a read and save to their favorites.  He reminds me somehow of the George Wendt character Norm on Cheers.

Pen of Passion (  If the Knyt is hemingway then the author of Pen of Passion is Rembrandt and MichelAngelo.  By far I would think one of if not THE best blog on WordPress.  I love Love this blog and never fail to open it and read it daily.  The writer mixes different stories of history and stories about the human condition.  Much like Knyt the writer never fails to reply to those that post and thank them for being involved with his blog,  an act that creates a fun readership and gives readers an ability to expand their blogroll by reading others’ blogs.

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5 thoughts on “The Knyt and The Passion

  1. Well, thanks, Zman! That’s awful nice of you. I hope I can live up to your glowing review!

  2. Both blogs sound interesting and definitely worth checking out. It’s amazing the connections and friendships you can make in the blogging world. They’re priceless.

  3. Thanks for sharing two of your favorite blogs. I look forward to the experience of them.

    Zman – In the immortal words of Tony the Tiger…Thheerree Great!!

  4. highway


  5. I’m so flattered. Thanks.

    Zman – Yeah I meant it…yeah your long winded but hey your my friend haahah….

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