Egypt 2011!!

pyraSo Penelope and I are planning a vacation for 2011.  We having been talking about going to Egypt in 2011 for my 40th Birthday.  She asked a little bit ago would I like to go somewhere and I gave her a list of places that I would like to see…China, Egypt, London and so on.  At first I thought it was to get me out of the funk I have been in, but she is as excited as I am to plan it and go.  I have some test results still out and lately I have not been feeling all that well  Physically and Mentally.  My travels in the Navy have takin me to some places that have been unbelievable so I wanted to go someplace that neither of us has ever  been.  If you think about it, how neat would it be to go Egypt….the Valley of the Kings, The Pyramids, the culture some place like that is a life changer.  To me, I hope this is the start of something.  Every couple of years we can go someplace different and see as much of the world as we can Together….Just a quick Traveling thought.

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9 thoughts on “Egypt 2011!!

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  2. Egypt sounds like the trip of a lifetime. Enjoy it! Will be praying for you and the test results, and hope you feel stronger and better soon, Zman.

    Zman – Yeah it sounds exciting we are just in the early planning stages. Thanks for being there…

  3. ugh. i almost went to egypt. ihad it all planned when i was in london, and it fell through – but i think it would be amazing!!! really hot though. however, i heard they kind of ruined the experience by putting macdonalds right by the pyramids, but whatever! go for it!

  4. pop

    For my money make Egypt your first stop. I was stationed there for a very short time.The Spinx the Pyramids, The place where in a manner of speaking history began. The land of the Pharohs.Yes If I were you and Penelope Make this your first stop. Also may I recommend places like Turkey(the casbah) Germany is beautiful cities like Munich( You like beer then try woolybock in Munich) Heidelberg, Berlin (Wilkommen).Moscow in Russia a city as old as Europe itself. And of course there’s London Paris Madrid Just a few suggestions. Most of these countries are a vacation in themselves. It takes more than a day to see everything And one more Greece the country that invented our way of government. This is where it all really did start

    Zman – We are just in the planning stages so a few things we dont know yet..but looks like just 10 or so days in Egypt..

  5. Just Me

    Maybe we will stick to Egypt for now Pop. Maybe a European trip next time around.

  6. Egypt conjures up all sorts of fascinating and intriguing images (though that was before I heard about the McD’s beside the pyramids – lol).

    Planning for the trip is just as much fun as actually going on it !

  7. Sounds like a great trip! Enjoy the planning for that is a large part of the adventure!

    Zman – Yeah we are just in the planning the who where and when but we are excited about doing it…

  8. Egypt in 2011! Now that’s something to look forward to. I’ve always wanted to go…
    We’re planning our next family reunion, maybe in Cape May, NJ.
    I like the new look.
    ~MadSilence to&w

    Zman – Yeah we are excited about it, planning is slow right now but it will ramp up….Love jersey..thinking about moving to Mount Holly maybe..heard cape may is nice..

  9. Some say that Egypt was the birthplace of human civilization. It is definitely a great place to visit.

    Zman – Yeah Penelope are just in the planning stages but so far it looks to be a really exciting trip..thanks…I ll bring you back something then forget to mail it too you…

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