Weekend Pass!!



Up until today I had always thought the term WEEKEND PASS no longer existed within the Navy vocabulary and rulebook.  Unfortunetely I found this out during yet another health issue.  Yesterday, I was checked into NMCP for what was thought to be another mass in my lung.  After some tests, it seems that their might not be a mass, and the docs are trying to figure out where all the drained fluid they took out came from.  So as the rest of the world knows test results take a few days henceforth WEEKEND PASS.  Doctor J granted me this on the conditon that I show up Monday AM to resume the course of action for good health.  I know the term Weekend pass is in Navy instruction just cant seem to find out..other then that I feel okay just cant seem to shake this pesky cough..hmmmm  just a quick health thought.

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9 thoughts on “Weekend Pass!!

  1. pop

    weekend Pass hmmmm So far as I can find out the term is obsolete Today you’re either off or you’re not They replaced AWOl with UA There is no more company clerk/ Unit administrator.Mess sergeant is now the Mess steward. Chow hall is now Dining facility I don’ t think any one knows what chow is anymore. Like you said who calls the Captain the skipper today? In the Army you had better not call the Captain the old man/old lady At least don’t let them hear it. Yeah I suppose that the hospital is living in the old navy in some respects, hahahah. But the treatment is up to date thank God.
    We old time NCOs used to chew up butter bars and spit them out Whooops can’t do that any more
    Got to show respect even to lowly no count know nothing Lieutenants. Any how enjoy your weekend pass

    Zman – Some terms in the Navy are still very much alive Chow, Skipper (Aviation more so)..but yeah somethings have went by the wayside…

  2. We’re still pullin’ for you Zman. Hang in there.

    Zman – Thanks

  3. Hi I think this is a fantastic blog, keep up the good work…

    Zman – Thanks Sara

  4. Just Me

    Actually, the term AWOL (Absent WithOut Leave) still exists as a charge under Article 86 of the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice). Then Navy and Marine Corps just sometimes refer to it as UA (Unauthorized absence). AWOL has not been replaced, just not used as much.

    Zman – See their is the Yeoman in Penelope talking…Yes yes Penelope used to be Navy..she was an outstanding Sailor

  5. highway

    hang in there litle bro we are pulling for you im here 24/7 just say the word love ya man

    Zman – Thanks

  6. pop

    You know I guess an old retired soldier like me has to get brought up to speed now and then. Thanks to you younger folks I’m finding out that many of the memories that I cherish about my days in uniform are all still there Thanks a bunch. Zman you and Penelope are in my prayers as always.

  7. I hope you have a fabulous weekend, Zman! If anyone deserves a weekend pass you do!

    Zman – Thanks thats very kind

  8. Good luck, son. I’ll be thinking of you.

    Zman – THanks Don!!

  9. Friend of Lisa's

    Glad you were able to ‘escape’ for the weekend. Keeping positive thoughts for you this week. You deserve a break 🙂

    Zman – Yeah it was helpful, thanks for always being there it means alot to penelope and myself

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