Answered Prayers!!


Walking around the Ranch this morning the one thought that takes over my mind, is the idea of Finding God.  To me,  I dont care what anyone else says or does or whatever.  You cannot go through what I have been through in the last 21 months and not ask for help from above.  There is no doubt in my mind, that there is a God and that he or she or it, answered my prayers when I asked for help.  I am thankful beyond words that he heard me, and that he thinks I am worthy to stay here for a while.  How can you not believe, there is something out there and that it has the ability to help.  My prayers are simple, I dont ask for money or material things.   Its a simple want, to be able to see the other side of the test that he has set before me.   I know that their are folks, that dont believe and to each his own.   I am just saying for me Thank Goodness for Answered Prayers…just a quick praying thought

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13 thoughts on “Answered Prayers!!

  1. the cliff looks like it’s smiling

    Zman – Doesnt it though

  2. I’m with you on this one, Zman.

  3. Of course, faith is personal. But joy is recognized by everyone! And I felt truly joyful reading this post.

    I’ve always loved this quote by Voltaire:

    “Faith consists in believing what reason does not believe…It is enough for a thing to be possible for it to be believed.”

    Zman – Trying to bring Joy to my friends, thats my job….

  4. pop

    There is nothing I can add to that except to say ” Well said my son well said”

    Zman – Thanks!!

  5. sunflower

    God has always been with you. I know you have a guardian angel looking after you. Keep smiling

    Zman – Everyday say a little prayer…read a psalm been working so far!!!

  6. highway

    i cant agree more i found god along time ago best thing i ever did made me realize one thing im not in charge down here he is the good lord is also looking after my angel tatyanna i know my little girl is in good hands you know spirituality is a great thing makes life more enjoyable and brings family closer together love you bro

  7. highway

    ps good to have a great set of brothers Shantyman Highway and the Zman you guys are the best love you guys

  8. i don’t know how you can look at everything around you, and all it’s complexity, and how it works so perfectly… and not believe there is something higher than our ownselves.

    Zman – Agree 150%..thanks for stoppin bye

  9. We should never underestimate the power of faith.

    Zman – Yeah it worked for me, I asked for his help, he delivered….sounds strange coming from me..but it worked!!!

  10. That is amazing. God works in so many ways that I still am coming to the realization that he intervened in situations. What I mean is that when things happen it takes my a while to see ALL the things he has done for me just in that one thing. My head would explode if I thought of everything he has done for the entirety of my life.

  11. I just spent 15 minutes reading your blog…and trust me, thats a long time for someone with my attention span.

    You have a unique way of writing…inspirational you could say. Surviving cancer 2x is something most of us will thankfully never have to endure, but it shows you are here for a reason. Maybe its to help others (eg. myself) learn to talk about and deal with a disease that has hit a little too close to home?
    …or maybe it’s to sell real-estate.

    Personally, I think its the former, but then again, I don’t know how good you are at real-estate.


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