Inside the MARCC Part VI

Did I mention this could be the gateway to Hell!!!!

Did I mention this could be the gateway to Hell!!!!


Today was more of the same of the stuff that happens when you are not at work.  The first thing I am hit with when I walked in the door,  is one of my workerbees (who I will call  Mr Politics) telling me that I need to talk to another one of the crew (who I will call Young South.)  Seems as though Mr. P and Young South got into a discussion and Mr. P thought he was being disrespected by Young South a more junior Sailor.  Now my division is more lax and sometimes they forget and lose sight of things.  So when they all got to work, I pulled the whole w/c together and read them the riot act about professionalism and things of that nature.  It just seems that whenever I leave for any period of time things go to crap in some ways.   The crew was complaining that Magilla (My W/C LPO) needs to square himself away and get his uniform and attitude in check,  so Magilla and I had a a sitdown about policing  our selves.  It was just one thunderstorm after another today, finally I had to say no more and call it day…I can only hope as the week goes on things improve.  I thought for sure that after we got rid of some w/c dead weight,  things would brighten up considerably.   I guess one can only hope…..Just a quick work is madness thought…

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6 thoughts on “Inside the MARCC Part VI

  1. pop

    Ah Yes the panacea of being the NCOIC. Thou shalt make all things right Petty Officer, thus placating the powers that be For thine is the Kingdom of the Senior NCO For thou art God to all those under, and subject to the whim of the greater Gods that are over.

    Zman – Ok …Ummmm WHAT?????

  2. Ah, office politics! I forget how major a role these things play in our daily work lives. I guess it’s a small consolation for you, but that riot-reading part isn’t really allowed in the private sector anymore. Managers can’t whip their subs into shape like they used to. It’s a tougher game to play in some ways.

    Still … who wants to deal with all that?

    Zman – Yeah I am always telling my wife that I am going to have do a job like sell real estate..or landscaping so I dont have to deal too much with employers or employees per say….My work is alot easier cause they know i will not fire them and we are guided my lawful orders….thanks

  3. Oh the joy of office politics! I’d forgotten how frustrating all the personality types can be…though I would imagine it’s just a wee bit easier with a clear chain of command.

    zman – yeah with my chain of command things are a little easier in that i am given wide latitude on running my division…

  4. “My work is alot easier cause they know i will not fire them and we are guided my lawful orders.”

    A dream job.
    Zman – Yeah it is…hey i am going to be a civilian someday

  5. Just Me

    These guys are lucky they don’t work under my supervision.

    Zman – Yeah you tell me!!

  6. magilla?! haha.

    just be glad you’re not a middle school teacher. Not that I am either. But I mean, the smells that they must have to endure is just unfathomable.

    Zman – peeyeeww!! AGREED!!

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