MARCC Thunderstorms???

In what can only be called a continuation of yesterday,  today at the MARCC was more of the same.  In a time span of 4 hours, I was emotionally and physically drained for the whole day.  I had to yell at and counsel a young Sailor on how to properly stand a quarterdeck watch without making fraudalent log entries.  Then came gathering paperwork for an awards board, that I didnt know anything about until I walked in the door this morning.  Running around the building, looking for this person and paperwork yeah that was the start of the physical drain.  If those two things were not enough,  I had to talk to Magilla about personal hygiene.  Talking to a grown man about showering and wearing a clean uniform, if you have ever done you know it is emotionally draining.  To me, I just think is that what I signed up for when I put on First Class putting up with bullshit like this???.   Then my crew was disappearing slowly for this reason or that,   so as the responsible one  I had to make sure the workload for the day got completed.  I  know I said I wanted to jump back into work and get back to normal but geez louise these people are testing me.  Today was one of those days where you are just waiting for one person to do something so you can let them have it.  But  that moment never happened……well next week is another week and hopefully these sons of guns get their act cleaned up….some more then others…just a quick thundering thought
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12 thoughts on “MARCC Thunderstorms???

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  2. Wow, lousy day; but at least it’s over and you’ve got a weekend ahead of you. Hope it gets better.

    Zman – Thanks knyt

  3. I once worked with a young man who had no concept of what running water and soap were for. His clothes were filthy, his hair was greasy and I know he wore the same underwear for a week since every time he turned around I could see them. I think the only time he “showered” was on the nights he had to wash dishes.

    Maybe you should just get the hose out and do some mandatory showering for your guy.

    Zman – Yeah Navy has moved away from the firehose technique but thanks for the story and advice

  4. higghway

    i got a solution for you give them all a good beatin works for me he he he he

    Zman – yeah sounds good..not the best form of leadership though

  5. pop

    Zman this is what I have been able to find out thus far For old stinko that won’t bathe
    Art 108 UCMJ Misuse of government property ( Sticky wicket, but might work)
    Art 92 failure to obey a lawful order Give him an order to wash his nasty ass If he disobeys you got him This is the correct way. So far this is all I can find out from mY UCMJ, but I’ll keep looking

    Zman – Ahhh yes my sea lawyer dept is on the job thanks guys….

  6. There’s only one good thing about those sorts of days – they make us more appreciate of days when nothing is rocking the boat!

    Zman – Oh you said it….

  7. Yeoman Abroad

    Mr. Pop,

    An enlisted man cannot give another enlisted man an order, only a direction. Only O’s can give orders.

    Zman – Thanks..However you need to reread your Navy Sorm….

  8. In these situations I ask myself: What would Donald Mills do?

    Zman – Prolly bitch rant and rave and call me a panzy for complaining!!

  9. um, tell me if your’e getting these comments. they just disappear after i write them..

    Zman – Yep i get them thanks for stopping bye

  10. sunflower

    This is for the yeoman As Zman said you need to reread the Navy Sorm and other military information. I have been military for 28 years and have seen senior NCO’s give orders not directions to lower NCO’s, officers can give orders and to directions to Civilians who work with military also have to follow orders from senior NCO’s and officers. Zman keep up the good work and lead by example.

  11. “Talking to a grown man about showering and wearing a clean uniform, if you have ever done you know it is emotionally draining.”

    It would definitely be.

    Zman – Not fun!!!

  12. You have a wonderful blog and an enduring spirit. I love your blog. Very nice. It is a privilege to read your stories. And, I must say that you keep good company with your blogging friends. Alantru, The Mad Hatter, Claire, Don, the whole gang is here. Really, great stuff.

    Zman – Hey thanks, I just write what I am thinking…i love those blogs myself they are such colorful characters.

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