Angels and Demons!!!





Like many others I was very sad to read that Farrah Fawcett died today of Cancer.  Every red blooded male that remembers her, has that image of her on that famous Tshirt picture when she was one of Charlie’s Angels.  Her fight with Anal Cancer was one of inspiration and hope.  I hope our heavenly father lets her in and gives her an easy time about it.  She is a true angel now.  On the other hand there are still demons in our world.  One can only hope that Bernie Madoff, the scumbag that stole billions and destroyed people’s future is sentenced to eternity in some hell infested jail.  To me you would hope he lives til he is 100 and has to most miserable existance one person can have. I hope he goes to jail and some hood rat makes him his little sex slave…it would be nice if our heavenly father makes Madoff beg and justify his way through the pearly gates…just a quick thought…

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13 thoughts on “Angels and Demons!!!

  1. severnyproductions

    You write very passionately about your views and i agree with you on both counts

    Zman – thanks !!!! yeah i just feel sometimes justice in this life is quirky…dont be a stranger.

  2. Good-bye, Farrah. We’ll miss you.

    Zman speaks – Someday cancer will not be a rampant and the beauty of life can be enjoyed by more

  3. pop

    Yes I do believe that Farrah is with our Heavenly Father now, and safe from anymore suffering.On the other hand I concurr one hundred percent on Madoff He’ll do hard time, and it will be hell on this earth.
    Whether God will let him through the Pearly Gates is up to God, and him.He has to make a clean breast of things and return all of that money .As it stands right now the gov. will seize all of his homes along with all bank accounts. I don’t know what they will do about his family, but I have a feeling it won’t be pleasant

    Zman – Well said!!

  4. Looks Like Michael Jackson is offically gone too.

    Zman – Yeah i posted before i found about MJ. Rest in Peace

  5. No arguements from me Zman. And it’s too bad. I was looking forward to busting your chops. Next time for damned sure!

    p.s. Ram sends his best and suggest you send Madoff his way.


    Zman – Thanks Grandpa!!!

  6. I picked my favorite card on your charity. I hope that helps. My mother died of cancer when I was a teenager and I love the fact that you support stand up for cancer. Cancer research is so important. To give you an idea. About two months after my mother passed they discovered an almost 100 % success rate on beating the kind she died with. This is depressing but it brings to light that maybe if more funds can be raised for the research of cancer than more people may be saved in time.

    Zman – I am sorry to hear about your mother, my sincerest sympathies. I just believe that more money should be spent to explore different options for curing cancer. Most people dont know the depth of loss to it until it affects them unfortunetely. I will add your blog if you dont mind..dont be a stranger…

  7. highway

    yeah i agree with you farrah was a very beautiful gifted talented woman may she be in gods kingdom of love and peace well as far as mr madoff well hes going to burn and rot in hell i hope that when his time comes he gets cast down to the fithy sodomites and rapists and killers to be passed around to be abused and then eventually die a miserable death madoff is a scumbag

  8. There’s always that unfairness in life that seemingly has no rhyme or reason…but I hope the reasons for the unbalance becomes clear after we leave this world.

    Farrah fought an incredibly uplifting fight.

    Zman – Yeah she did!!!

  9. highway

    yeah also that wack job micheal jackson kicked the can hey at least theres one less pedophile in the world one question to readers and staff


    Zman – Normally i might censor this but i however wish nothing but the evil stuff to happen to madoff…

  10. highway

    well z-man im glad you didnot censor me i believe in freedom of speech and press as i believe garbage like madoff ,micheal jackson, jeffery dahmer son of sam and so on these pieces of garbage dont deserve mercy i believe in southern justice as i say one day these type of individuals will be come the hunted so as good folks like us go on to be productive loving citizens we will eventually take out the trash 338 style

    Zman – Yes you do

  11. Zman, I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. And when you have time there’s a blogging award for you over at my blog.

    Zman – Well thank you that very kind of you….I humbled…

  12. It is Nature’s course that one has to die. Let just hope that the good people can die in peace.

    Zman – Amen !!!

  13. Farrah live a simple life and in the end use her fame to create awareness, she has blessed us all.

    Zman states – Amen to that..

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