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MARCC Part VIII – CPO Results!!

Chiefs' Combination Cover

Chiefs' Combination Cover

The closer I get to the end of my career, the more I want to end it as a Chief.  When I was coming up being a member of the Chiefs’ mess was something that never really occupied my mind.  But now that I am knocking on the door, it seems more appealing to me, to be the one that answers the knock rather then does the knocking.  Well, CPO results came out this afternoon (I did not make board – so my name was not their) and low and behold some names that I thought would be on their were not.  While others were that I thought I would not see.  Now I dont begrudge anyone their opportunity, but as I have come up through the ranks I always thought  attaining the paygrade of Chief was something that was earned with time and effort.  I have lots of run on sentences here but I am just trying to get it out of my head.  To me being a Chief is the best prize in the game, and in todays Navy in some cases it just seems like it is handed out without merit.   I guess the only thing I can do is work hard study and hope my name is selected before I pull the pin on the job…Just a quick advancement thought

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LiveStrong Through Body Art!!!

Yeah it Hurt a Bit!!!

Yeah it Hurt a Bit!!!

Anyone thats knows me, knows the impact of  being sick has had on my life.  It makes you think about the things you want to do and the things you have never done.   I can say I dont think I would have ever gotten a tattoo in the past.  So last Saturday, I ponied up the courage and got a tattoo on my right forearm.  It has been somewhat well received at work, and most people that notice it, usually say “That’s neat or Cool”.  All that know me, understand the meaning behind it and dont need the explanation…only in some cases with folks I encounter during the day is a short explanation needed.  Now that I have it, I feel like it is very much me, and wonder to myself why I didnt do this in the past. Penelope will say that I was a big scaredy cat..or make a chicken noise….but I never really had a need to or a desire to but for now….I am sure some think its perverse or a way to show off.  For me, its a way to show my support for something, but more then that its a way to say that I survived and I am still here…always….just a quick tattoo thought

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The Reason for Being!!!



I never really realized how helpful strangers are until I started my blog.   The reasons people write blogs are as different as night and day.  Some like myself do it cause it can be carthartic, while others are pure storytellers and like entertain and spread their literary wings.  I was and am very sad to see that one of my favorite blogs  FOODHERE.WORDPRESS.COM is going to be no more.  For  me its alot like when Calvin and Hobbes was discontinued.  One of the reasons I picked up the paper everyday was to see what the little guy and his tiger friend were up too.  I know for me, I will miss the stories of Ram’s Incarceration and will have to wonder what happened to him at Gravel Bay.  It’s funny I am curious about what motivated this individual to start this blog and what kind of satisfaction it gave him to entertain people if only for a few minutes a day.  The few minutes I take during the day to read all the blogs on my list,  do wonders for my spirit and more often then not pick me up from any funk I may be in.  I love the fact that strangers share their travels and experiences with me, if only in word and sometimes picture format.  For those that know me,  writing and reading blogs helped me through a difficult time in my life.  Its seems that often the only thing sometimes that keeps you out of dark air and darkness are the kind words of strangers.  Ram will be missed, take care pal…..just a quick thought.

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