Paying the Freight!!!


I believe one of the unique perspectives you get from illness is seeing things in a more simple light.  I dont know if that makes sense the way I wrote that, but it makes sense to me.  Things are not as complicated with me as they use to be.  Yeah I am still a bit lazy, Penelope still says I need to get out more and get a hobbie yada yada yada.  One of the things I am dealing with is weather I am  going to be able to make it to my 2o yr Navy retirement.  To me its a simple equation, you put your time in, if you are close to 20 they let you retire provided the stumbling block is not fault of your own i.e. Cancer.  There is a great scene in Rocky Balboa where rocky tells the boxing commission “You pay the freight you should be allowed to do what you want to do”.  Thats kind of how I feel..I understand the military position in that if you cant do the job we cant use you.  Well I can do my job regardless of weather I can go to sea.  In my line of work you run into alot of folks that think  IF I CANT USE YOU THEN YOU ARE OF NO USE TO ME,  but those are the folks that drink 10 cups of coffee a day,  smoke like chimneys and dont know where their children are…but I still need a new hobbie dont know what though???..just a quick let me retire please thought..

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11 thoughts on “Paying the Freight!!!

  1. I think I do understand your point about perspective. It makes a lot of sense to me, and in my opinion, that’s a great thing coming from something terrible.

    Nice you can do that.

  2. I totally get what you are saying. An illness like Cancer just helps you cut through all the crap and see what’s really important and I hope you can make it to year 20 and retire and then have time to ponder what sort of hobbies you want to get into.

  3. highway

    well i agree with you if you can do the job still then why not way i see it ill be driving way into my old age hey driving for a livin works for me yeah paying dues is necessary i pay mine each and every day only thing that sux is when i upgrade ill have to start at rookie status price you pay when jaming gears hey life is good anyway z hope you and penelope have a great 4th and lets not forget the z-man hes the dealio ok ill return to office soon oh love ya bro

    Zman – the always colorful never dull highway….

  4. pop

    Hobbies Hmmmmmm Let me see(rubbing my chin Oh Christ forgot to shave) You know one of my hobbies, The others are collecting trains(HO) I can recommend Golf but it is daunting. There’s chess even more daunting. Fishing,camping(we were going to do that).You said you like writing.There are bicycle clubs.How far away from the Navy do you want to get after you retire? Get involved in what Mom and I do Family readiness. good hobbies involve time, dedication, a little cash, and sometimes alittle travel. You have time so give the matter some thought. As to the retirement lock 18 yrs My best to Penelope and the Zman

  5. I think you will be able to retire. I don’t know a lot about the military but the same thing is happening to my friend. He has been in it for about 4 years now and has served several terms in Afghanistan and other places and he just found out that he has a serious heart condition and may have no other choice but to get an honorable discharge.

  6. i do have to agree, dearest zman, that illness does, in the oddest of ways, complicate and simultaneously simplify life. funny how that works.

    hobby…. well, i don’t know what your capabilities are. but my suggestion is photography. it saves my life. it gets you moving, gets you out into nature. and as soon as you start doing it you look at everything differently. you see beauty in the most random things.

  7. I know how you feel. 😦

    Happy Independence Day.

    Zman – Thanks you are a great friend!!!

  8. sunflower

    Wish I had some words of wisdom. Just trust your feeling, and do what makes you happy

  9. highway

    yeah highway is very colorful anyways love ya man

  10. I am in your corner, here is making it to the magical number of 20 years!

  11. pop

    18 years is the lock, and to the best of my computations you’re there. The exact month is the final key.
    18 years to the day you raised your hand the first time. Then you simply ride it out for two years, and retire with 20.

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