The Details of Life!!!

Life containing Serenity!!!

Life containing Serenity!!!

One of the things about getting healthy both mentally and physically is examing your life.  Okay,  now when I go to the chapel on base I am always thinking about the life I  live everyday.  Its not too exciting, but whose life really is????….The building I work at as everyone knows now is madness personified..THE MARCC .  Anytime you mix civilians who have never been in uniform and military the math just does not work.  Of course going to NMCP, while an escape from the madness, is never fun because its a reminder of things past.  iI do have to say that I have great docs so it makes it bearable going there.  The little things too me are what makes life fun..Favorite restaurants  Bella Italia…watching the game with my penelope  NY…reading the occasional comic book  which penelope sometimes calls a magazine WHAT!!! or going to the movies.  I never said it was the most exciting life….what are the details of your life Pal!!!!!!!

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12 thoughts on “The Details of Life!!!

  1. That’s an action-packed adventure-fest from my life. All I’m missing is a ranch.

    Zman – Hey cmon now your life is fun with all the long drawn out posts…hahaah thanks for stopping bye

  2. Did you take that photograph, Steve? It’s wonderful!

    You are so on the money – it’s the little things that make life worth living. And most of them cost so little, but the payback is more than tenfold.

    • Talon – No i didnt take the pic but i love it all the same…to its the little things that make life great in spite of the tough times

  3. Just Me

    I do not call them magazines! We have a simple life (when we are not at NMCP). Nothing wrong with that it there? I suppose we could get out and do more. Any ideas sweetums?

  4. highway

    hey bro your right sometimes life is hard i know what you mean sometimes it makes me wonder but hey i know the big boss upstairs has plans for us all way i see it i paid my dues so i guess its time to enjoy my self anyways just a quick rambling thought love you guys time to jamm gears im gone

  5. Life is tough but has its redeeming qualities. I’m glad you are experiencing a few.

  6. I spent seven years as a civilian working for DOD, working with service members (Army, Navy, Air Force). Some of my best friends… 🙂

    • MS

      Yes you know the difficulties of meshing civilians and uniformed personnel……thanks

  7. The excitement is in the details of life, it is about the moments not the big things. You are blessed in so many ways, one of which is your ability to find joy in the moments.

    • TO BE Me – Sometimes I dont feel blessed but I know I have it alot better then most….thanks for stoppin bye

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