From The Ranch!!

Daisy, Maisy,  Bull and Bob

Daisy, Maisy, Bull and Bob

Penelope  commented today that I have not written on my blog in a bit.  I suppose its because I dont have alot to say these days.  There is still plenty going on though,  THE MARCC is madness as usual with the guys arguing about the tilt of the planet and how it affects the seasons.  Thats always fun to hear.  My LIMDU runs out in November and we will have to go from there with what to do next.   I have been going to the chapel on base every now and then during the day, thankfully it seems to be working cause the dread and dismal thoughts are starting to fade.  Things around the ranch are pretty normal not too much to report.  I enjoy reading everyone’s blogs with The Crabby Old Man, The Inmate, Leaf and the Knyt among my favorites.  Penelope and I are enjoying our summer but we wish that we could muster more energy to do more stuff but I guess thats a work in progress….Just a quick not much happening thought.

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13 thoughts on “From The Ranch!!

  1. Nice to hear despair can’t keep you down, Zman. Best of everything; we’ll keep you in our prayers. God bless, bud.

  2. There’s a lot of beauty in the peace and quiet of those times in our life when things are calm. We need them to look back on when things start going crazy again!

  3. pop

    One day at a time my son, one day at a time. How close are you to the lock now? By my comps you should be right there. Any how enjoy and “Peace”

    Zman states – No the lock is still a year away or so…but things are things thanks

  4. The ranch looks beautiful. Keep going to chapel, it seems to be working well. I’m glad to hear that everything is going well.

    • Eric – Things are things and each day the sun seems to be coming out more so to speak….thanks for stoppin by

  5. The ranch looks like an earthly paradise. Keep it going.

    Zman – It’s the places of paradise the calm the soul and feed the spirit…

  6. Stunning ranch photo, mate!

    I can identify with ‘not much happening’ – it’s good to reflect sometimes.

    Little things can then take on big significance and be welcomed.

    Some people get too hung up on wanting big stuff happening all the time, but you seem to have the right attitude.

    Enjoy stuff, whether it be big or little….. just so long as its good.


    Zman states – Thanks ….yeah the small things are more enjoyable most times then the big things!!!

  7. Always good to hear your thoughts and shoot the bull!

  8. TO BE ME

    Yeah thanks….your posts are inspiring thanks for stoppin bye I will keep a light on for ya!!!

  9. slickman

    hey dude it,s been awhile since I loged on. I just read your past blogs. It was some good stuff. Life is short but it lasts along time so take the time and enjoy. the pics from the ranch look nice keep up the hard work. well thats all for now. so may god bless your dreams. look out for those who need help.and keep the booge man away.

  10. Slickman

    Good to hear from you…yeah just trying to keep the boogeyman at bay most days…thanks for stopping bye…Z

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