The Reason for Being!!!



I never really realized how helpful strangers are until I started my blog.   The reasons people write blogs are as different as night and day.  Some like myself do it cause it can be carthartic, while others are pure storytellers and like entertain and spread their literary wings.  I was and am very sad to see that one of my favorite blogs  FOODHERE.WORDPRESS.COM is going to be no more.  For  me its alot like when Calvin and Hobbes was discontinued.  One of the reasons I picked up the paper everyday was to see what the little guy and his tiger friend were up too.  I know for me, I will miss the stories of Ram’s Incarceration and will have to wonder what happened to him at Gravel Bay.  It’s funny I am curious about what motivated this individual to start this blog and what kind of satisfaction it gave him to entertain people if only for a few minutes a day.  The few minutes I take during the day to read all the blogs on my list,  do wonders for my spirit and more often then not pick me up from any funk I may be in.  I love the fact that strangers share their travels and experiences with me, if only in word and sometimes picture format.  For those that know me,  writing and reading blogs helped me through a difficult time in my life.  Its seems that often the only thing sometimes that keeps you out of dark air and darkness are the kind words of strangers.  Ram will be missed, take care pal…..just a quick thought.

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20 thoughts on “The Reason for Being!!!

  1. xxhawkeyexx

    There are times when you need a way to distract yourself from things that get you down and such, and writing in my blog, reading other blogs and commenting in them, lets you be introduced into the world of a stranger and his/her thoughts.
    Nice blog. 🙂
    Take care,

  2. Hawkeye

    Yeah thanks. So true about the need for distraction. Since Ram is leaving if you dont mind I think I will add your blog. Thanks for stoppin by

  3. xxhawkeyexx

    Thanks a lot! I hope you like it! 😀

  4. Hawkeye

    Yeah no worries

    Laughter is the closest distance between two people
    Victor Borge

  5. aw… this post is so true!! i feel exactly the same way about the fellow bloggers i’ve met.

    is that a pic from your house, or just a random one? that’s like the coziest desk ever! it makes me feel intellectual just looking at it. hah.

  6. Blunt

    No not my pic..saw it someplace and saved, but yeah it’ s a great pic huh…..thanks for stoppin bye….

  7. I’m sad too.

    But I can’t think of a better way to send Ram off, Zman. Nice work.


  8. Bschool

    Thanks…Yeah we are stuck with Mr Mills and his rants…

  9. pop

    Interesting concept zman. What motivates one to write? You gave all the best reasons.passing through this world we have choices.That which we do,that which we don’t do,That which we do and then stop doing for what ever reason, the biggest being that he may no longer need to blog,being no longer incarcerated. Food for thought? I also like the picture

  10. Pop

    Yeah thanks I like the pic as the painting in the pic as well. Yeah I dont know why but he had a great blog with interesting posts and storylines…..

  11. Blogging is a wonderful community! I love how we can all connect with so many without judgment or expectations.

  12. Mark

    Yeah ditto that…

  13. I love the diversity of the blogging world! You’re right, zman, it’s really neat to get glimpses into other’s lives and interests. When a favorite blog ends, it’s like losing a favorite hangout.

  14. Talon

    I liked hanging out with Ram for a little bit……

  15. Ram Venkatararam

    Many thanks Zman. Appreciate the kind words. It was great having you visit too….

    • Ram

      Yeah sorry to see you go…..hope Ram makes it on the inside..guess well never know…

  16. The blogger seems to have left quite an impression. I believe he has succeeded in what he set out to do.

  17. highway

    good concept what inspires folks to write well i guess its a real good way to get out whats on your mind or simply whats in your heart i guess for highway i like the fellowship of this blog good ppl good points of view helps me to keep prospective and to get some good old fashioned advice when needed it sucks when old freinds leave but when one leaves another comes in so z-man love the blog bro my thinking lets keep the wheels turning so we can keep on earning time to go the highway calls im southbound and down we keep the greasy side down shiny side up

  18. Highway

    Well said ……sometimes its the old friends that are the best thing

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