LiveStrong Through Body Art!!!

Yeah it Hurt a Bit!!!

Yeah it Hurt a Bit!!!

Anyone thats knows me, knows the impact of  being sick has had on my life.  It makes you think about the things you want to do and the things you have never done.   I can say I dont think I would have ever gotten a tattoo in the past.  So last Saturday, I ponied up the courage and got a tattoo on my right forearm.  It has been somewhat well received at work, and most people that notice it, usually say “That’s neat or Cool”.  All that know me, understand the meaning behind it and dont need the explanation…only in some cases with folks I encounter during the day is a short explanation needed.  Now that I have it, I feel like it is very much me, and wonder to myself why I didnt do this in the past. Penelope will say that I was a big scaredy cat..or make a chicken noise….but I never really had a need to or a desire to but for now….I am sure some think its perverse or a way to show off.  For me, its a way to show my support for something, but more then that its a way to say that I survived and I am still here…always….just a quick tattoo thought

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22 thoughts on “LiveStrong Through Body Art!!!

  1. Looks good.

  2. Knyt


  3. highway

    i hear you bro live strong good motto awsome outlook i think you got a great outloook on life much kudos and hey looks good

    • Highway….

      Not my motto ..Lance Armstrong came up with it…but i like it all the same…thanks

  4. pop

    ccooooooooooooooll since I retired I ‘ve been thinking of a US Army tattoo

  5. Pop

    Yeah thanks…..

  6. Friend of Lisa's

    Nice tat…better than a tramp stamp 🙂

  7. Friend of Lisa's

    On a more serious note…after I was diagnosed with BC, my son got a breast cancer pink ribbon tattoo with the words ‘another day, another struggle’ written underneath the ribbon.. still brings tears to my eyes when I think about the signficance that the tattoo will be with him ‘forever’ in honor of me.

    • Friend of Lisa…your son sounds like someone that anyone would be proud to call a friend

  8. Just Me

    Looks good baby. Healing up nicely. I cannot believe that LAM has a son old enough to get tatoos….:) Good on him though for getting the pink ribbon. That says a lot about the respect and love he has for you..

    Zman says – Thanks babe your the best

  9. I love the message and I like that you placed it where you can appreciate it. So many put tatoos in places that they don’t get to fully appreciate it.

    Zman says – Yeah i want to spread this is my way

  10. THAT looks awesome! 🙂

    Zman says – yeah thanks i like it

  11. It’s a good message, Zman. Must have hurt like Hell.

    Zman says – Yeah it hurt a little bit, but worth it….create awareness

  12. slickman

    Way cool dude. nice spot nice size. I don;t think of it as show off . but as a reminder that you took on the cancer head on and said not today not yesterday hell not any day will i let it win and for that you are my hero. when i saw that I my self wanted to get another one.Well thats all for tonight so god bless you and your new art work.

    Zman says – Thanks Slick….yeah awareness is the key with me…

  13. That’s a brilliant tat, Zman!

    I have one on my upper back that I had done after my dad passed away. It was supposed to represent his initials in Chinese characters, however I found out later on that it actually said something else. But in my heart that’s what it will always represent.

    And next time I will know better than to get a chinese tattoo in Mexico…;)

    Zman says – Hey thanks…..yeah its the meaning of the body art that matters i think. Sorry to hear about your dad. Chinese tattoo in mexico huh…thats alot like asking for greek food in Japan…….but we live and learn

  14. Excellent choice of ink! It says it all! I believe you did this for all the right reasons, most importantly that you have taken this avenue to mark a significant event in your life.

    Zman says – yeah thanks…….lets others know your a survivor…

  15. That is an awesome tattoo. A BIG one to get done for your first, and a tender spot too. Congrats on living strong.

    Zman says – Yeah thanks..too me its sort of celebration of life and survival. Yeah it hurt a bit but was and it worth it. Thanks for stoppin bye

  16. xxhawkeyexx

    Nice tattoo! It’s nice to still have you here, and you are right, when you get sick for a long time or with some serious sickness you think about your life, about what you could have done.
    I’m really glad that you’ve been reading my work.
    Enjoy life to the fullest and remember you are a survivor and a strong fighter. 😀
    Take care,


    Yeah i Like your writing, they are a little avante garde for me but they inspire…….it’s funny the direction your life can take..thanks for the support….and kind words….

  17. oh, you could definitely say this about almost any job. its SO FRUSTRATING. i guess thats why i don’t work for people anymore, haha. But, sometimes those dream jobs aren’t always what they were cracked up to be, and everything that is supposed to happen – will.

    p.s. i forgive you for your grammatical errors. mainly the misuse of “their”…. UGH ZMAN!@%#^


    Zman says – Yeah my grammar not the best…thank you for excusing me…… job can be frustrating at times….thanks for stoppin bye…

  18. i never have, nor ever will have the guts to get a tattoo. especially one on the inside of your arm. that had to hurt like CRAP

    Zman says – Yeah it hurt a bit, but you know the reason behind the tattoo……i didnt really have my mind made up until i sat in the chair for it……

  19. mike h

    Tat looks great. I was diagnosed with testicular cancer when I was 19 and have now been cancer free for over a year. Found this while looking for tatoo ideas to remember my struggle. thanks for the great explanation of your reasoning, makes me feel better hearing another surviver say its not showing off.

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