MARCC Part VIII – CPO Results!!

Chiefs' Combination Cover

Chiefs' Combination Cover

The closer I get to the end of my career, the more I want to end it as a Chief.  When I was coming up being a member of the Chiefs’ mess was something that never really occupied my mind.  But now that I am knocking on the door, it seems more appealing to me, to be the one that answers the knock rather then does the knocking.  Well, CPO results came out this afternoon (I did not make board – so my name was not their) and low and behold some names that I thought would be on their were not.  While others were that I thought I would not see.  Now I dont begrudge anyone their opportunity, but as I have come up through the ranks I always thought  attaining the paygrade of Chief was something that was earned with time and effort.  I have lots of run on sentences here but I am just trying to get it out of my head.  To me being a Chief is the best prize in the game, and in todays Navy in some cases it just seems like it is handed out without merit.   I guess the only thing I can do is work hard study and hope my name is selected before I pull the pin on the job…Just a quick advancement thought

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21 thoughts on “MARCC Part VIII – CPO Results!!

  1. Good luck! Hope you make it and attain that goal. 🙂

    Zman says – Thanks Knyt….they say persistance pays off…well see!!!

  2. Some people earn their keep through merits; others earn it through politicking. It’s just a fact of life.

    I am sure your time will come. Hope to see you wear the awesome chief hat soon.

    Zman says – Yeah thanks…sure would like to wear the combination cover someday!!!

  3. pop

    In most cases making E7 and becoming a senior NCO is something done the hard way You earn it. yet I have seen people kiss their way in there.But what I have also found out is these people won’t have what it takes when the rubber hits the road. So Zman stay in there plugging Believe me when I say You have what it takes Sailor.

  4. Pop

    Thanks for the vote of confidence…..i will keep at it

  5. Just Me

    Come on Petty Officer, let’s get going on that Chief rank. 🙂

  6. I’m sure that if it is something you want – you can achieve it.

    I know your career is a unique one but I’ve seen a lot of people promoted in my time. In my experience the ones premoted because of politics or ass-kissing don’t tend to last. The good ones, the ones who understand the job but also know how to lead – they tend to hang around. Unfortunately, there just aren’t that many of them.

    Good luck, Zman.

    Zman says – Thanks Don…well said….

  7. A friend and I were talking about the unfairness of life today and we ended up laughing because even when you know it’s unfair, you still want to shout, “Hey! That’s not fair!” and stamp your feet like a little kid. Makes you feel better for a minute – lol! Still, doing your best work, being an honorable person, and earning your way gives you a strength of character that a lot of those who got it the easy way never will have. It’s so much sweeter and more valuable to earn something than it is to have it handed to you. I have no doubts your hard work will pay off, Zman. Maybe not as quickly as you’d like, but it will happen.

    Zman says – So True So true…thanks for the vote of confidence

  8. sunflower

    Just remember good things come to those who wait. I am sure you will get what you want,and deserve

    Zman says – I can always count on you thanks

  9. I didn’t make chief either, and while I think that I’ll be ok retiring as an FC1, after reading your blog maybe I do want to make chief before it’s all over. Thankfully, I have time (trying to stay optimistic), but this year was a rough one. Keep up the press!

    Zman says – Yeah stay upbeat…next time is your test….absolutely keep the faith..thanks for stoppin bye

  10. I have three names for you: Amy Tan, Steven Spielberg, and Thomas Edison. All big names, right? Have any idea what they all have in common?

    They were all, in one way or another, told they didn’t have what it takes.

    Each of them listened to their passionate inner voice and because of that most everyone recognizes their names today.

    Amy Tan was a technical writer and bill collector. She hated it. When she told her boss she wanted to pursue writing he told her she didn’t have the chops. She quit, worked her butt off, and today is an author beloved by millions.

    Steven Spielberg was not the sharpest tool in the academic shed. He would make 8mm movies of train wrecks with his Lionel trains and charge his friends a small fee to see them. It took some doing on his part to finally graduate, but he did. Eventually he deceived his way into Universal and began his monumental career with Duel, and followed it with Jaws Need I say anymore about that?

    Thomas Edison is said to have gone through his tests of the tungsten filament some 200 times and failed miserably, before eventually hitting the right balance. He’s typically associated with the lightbulb, but had a hand in inventing so many more things. What many don’t know is how many times he flat out failed, yet he persisted.

    From reading your mere words it seems to me you have the heart to keep at it. I echo other’s sentiments hre–it has been my experience that a blustery wind blows for only so long; you can make the next grade if you remain on task. I have little doubt.

    Zman says –
    Did not know that about Spielberg and forgive my ignorance I am not up on Amy Tan……thanks for the vote of confidence…Its funny when a total stranger comes forward and says YOU CAN DO IT..thanks

  11. highway

    well z-man best thing i can say is you will get there i strongly believe now that if you work hard enough for something you can attain it take me for example didnot have cdl then finally got my b license well in november im getting my class a license i always got told if you work hard study hard and do the right thing it will happen so on that note hang in there dont worry about others just keep focus on that gold ring you will get there i know you can well time for highway to jam them gears im gone west bound and down

  12. Chief Boomer

    Hey shipmate hang in there. I don’t know how many times you have gone up for the Hat but, remember that while there are promotions that seem unfair and in the cases where it is…well those individuals end up not doing very well. You hang in there and strive to be the best 1st Class Petty Officer at your command and remember many can be E-7 but only the best become a Chief….Petty…… Officer and sometimes the E-7s get promoted first and the real Chiefs have to wait until the 2nd or 3rd try. However in the end the real CPOs are the ones that garner the most respect are those that actually earn it…..Now don’t misunderstand me here…I am not trying to take anything away from anyone that makes it…but as we all know sometimes things just aren’t quite fair……I have been retired for 14 years and still people call me Chief …even those that didn’t know me in the Navy. It is a Presence that one obtains…also there is a retired E-9 here and people just call him Joe because although he knew his Job in the Navy he was not a strong leader and it shows even in the civilian world…a good guy but Not a hard core CHIEF… hang in there and good luck….start studying one hour a day NOW and try to get some additional training on leadership etc…etc…qualify on duties that are above your current level….and if possible convience your command to let you stand them….Good Luck and GET HOT…..

  13. Chief Boomer

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I will do I can to retire as a Chief and spend some time in the chiefs mess. If I dont I know that my time in this Navy was still well spent and I left it better then the way I found…thanks Chief dont be a stranger thanks for stoppin bye

  14. squattingdawg

    Keep your eye on the target and stay focused.

  15. Squatting Dawg

    Thanks will do….thanks for stopin bye

  16. Ros Echols

    Interesting that i came across this today I made Chief 2-16-72 38 years ago today Hang in there it will be worth the wait remember a Chief can become an Officer but a Officer can never become a Chief, Chief’s have their standards

    • Ros

      Thanks for the world of encouragement. Hopefully the Chief gods..deem me to get selected it would be nice to pull the plug as a Chief. Thanks for stopping in dont be a stranger..zman

  17. Did you make it this year?

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