Baseball As a Social Religion!!!



No doubt in my mind that people that are devoted sports fans (Baseball Fan especially) are more socially well rounded then most.  My Penelope and I have engaged ourselves in this year’s Yankee season cause we purchased the baseball package from our local cable provider.  So nightly we watch the soap opera that is major league baseball.  It gets me to thinking that the connection that baseball fans  make to each other is unlike any others social connection.  I would invite someone over to watch a baseball game,  even if the only reason was to watch our two teams do battle.  There is someone I work with that I will call JD,  he is some years younger and we dont have too much in commen. But the one thing we socially connect on is the fact the he is a Phillies Fan and I am a Yankees Fan.  And as guys do we sit and talk about how our teams rule and they couldnt possibly be beat by the other.  To me, unlike any other sport baseball and its fans is one of those things that brings people together that would otherwise have no reason to socialize.   People will talk more about their team and its situation then they would their family or job.   Men grow up and remember the times that their father took them to a game when they were younger.   Those memories are relived with their children when they take them to a game….For me I love the game even with all it’s imperfections….just a quick baseball thought…

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14 thoughts on “Baseball As a Social Religion!!!

  1. Interesting idea, Zman. I’ve never been a baseball fan, or a sports fan, really, but I see similar aspects among football fans. The rivalry factor can get ugly though, and I’ve even seen violence at games, though not to the degree of soccer violence overseas.

    • Knyt

      …Thankfully Basebrawl is not a prevelant these days as the Soccer Riots…but yeah ugliness happens in sports sometimes

  2. pop

    There are those who will espouse the theory that the Great American pasttime Baseball was not born in this country;That it owes it’s roots to an English game called Rounders. This simply is not true.Our beloved game of Baseball was indeed born Here. A group of NEW YORK business men in September 1845 formed the Knickerbockers baseball club and played every weekend at the Elysian Fields in Hoboken New Jersey.In 1857 They formed the national Association of Baeball players,and 15 clubs were born By 1856 Baseball had been officially dubbed the National Pastime, and by 1860 there were 60 teams in existance Yes Baseball is as American as Old Glory, and is one of the most loved sports in our country.

  3. My son played baseball for years so I have very fond memories of the sport. He also played basketball, football and hockey, but for some reason none of those sports make me nostalgic. Baseball rules!

    • YellowCat

      ……..It seems that baseball is the only sport that bring nostalgia to everyone…its almost as if it always reminds you of something in the past…thanks for stoppin bye

  4. In Canada, it’s hockey. The fans are passionate about their teams and seriously loyal – no matter how their teams are performing. It’s great when you find something in common with the people you truly didn’t expect to.

    • Talon –

      Gotta say Hockey fans are fanatical about their teams. I truly sports are the quickest way to connect strangers..thanks for stoppin bye

  5. Anything that can bring us together and level the playing field is a good thing! Thank for your reflection on America’s pass time!

  6. To Be Me

    ……Its funny how something like a sport can do that very thing….Thanks for stoppin bye

  7. xxhawkeyexx

    Yeah, I recall the first time I played baseball with my father. I sucked!!! I couldn’t hit the ball, so it ended up hitting me in the face! I must say, it hurt like hell! Dad laughed and made fun of me, that’s when I began playing basketball (yeah…random and a weird decision, but I liked it).
    Take care,

  8. Hawk

    Isnt it funny the things that we remember that were turning points in our life or formed us …the simple things that happened…thanks for stoppin bye

  9. Futbol in Europe is the equivalent of baseball in America. Both have very passionate fans and that’s what makes the two sports so interesting.

  10. Leafless

    Yeah agreed..thanks for stoppin bye

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