Goals II!!

Looks Like a Great Goal!!

Looks Like a Great Goal!!

Another Great Goal!!

Another Great Goal!!

This time last year, I wrote about making and achieving goals in this life.  I had planned on cycling 2,000 miles, well that didn’t exactly catch on they way I had hoped.  Yeah I still ride the bike and enjoy it but just not enough to go crazy about it.  Lately I have been thinking about some things I would like to do, and why.  Getting a tattoo was a goal and for those that know me,  they all like the tatto i got recently woo hoo.  It’s not easy to plan what you want to do or achieve and have a good reason to do it.  But I can say that their are a few things that are starting to peak my interest.   The easier things to achieve are things like  go skydiving one more time (DID IT IN HAWAII).  I told Penelope that I was thinking I might want to plan and train to climb Mt Mckinley in 18 months to 2 years.  Penelope thinks its because its what a typical Cancer survivor would do, but me its something more.  What do you want to look back on and how do you want to feel about things that you have accomplished in your life…..just a quick goal tending thought.

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21 thoughts on “Goals II!!

  1. That’s one of the things I like about you, Zman…your enlightening goal-tending thoughts.


  2. B school

    Thats me the goal tender..i should be a hockey player……thanks

  3. Always good to have goals, Zman. Those aren’t things I’d put on my list, but you’re a much more adventurous guy, and they make good sense.

    I guess I’d have “be a great dad” and “be a great husband” along with “finish my doggone novel” at the top. I’ll figure the others from there. ; )

  4. Knyt

    Yeah we figure as we go..well you dont have to put be a good friend because you are already that…..thanks

  5. I like that you have easy and hard goals mixed in with short-term and long-term ones. Maybe it’s because I haven’t finished my first coffee of the morning, but I’m thinking I’ve been pretty good about meeting my goals. I’ll have to reflect on some long-term goals that have hovered over the horizon for years and while I’m getting close, they still aren’t within my grasp just yet.

  6. Talon

    Thanks….I just try to mix attainable things to maybe build confidence towards the bigger and more important ones…..I know you will achieve your goals…with artistic as your site is ..you can achieve anything you want to do

  7. Just Me

    Let’s just make the wife the bad guy huh? Thanks baby. Luv u, et et et

  8. Geez some folks are too sensitive

  9. What do you want to look back on and how do you want to feel about things that you have accomplished in your life? My you do ask the hard questions…

    In my maturity (which I hope to reach one day!) I’ve grown to realize its not the outcome but the process.
    Some day I want to achieve self-acceptance, peace, serenity & happiness in every day life.

    Reading Zeus Gazette I sense you’ve moved far along that road.


  10. Mad Silence

    ….. yeah i think for me its always been the journey and not the destination….I just try to move forward……thanks for stopin bye

  11. highway

    well k teacher and i are back speaking of goals well k teacher and i finally tooka real nice vacation we went to the grand canyon seen some really incredible sights cant even begin to describe the beauty anyhows we will send some good pics to the gazette love you guys

  12. Highway

    Welcome back …sounds like a great time hope you had a fun time..look forward to seeing some pics

  13. I think skydiving and mountain climbing are both fun goals. Both of these can lead you to a greater self discovery as well. Pick your goals from your spirit and not your ego. Use these goals to dive deeper inside and climb higher in spirit.

  14. Tobeme

    Thanks for the advice..i will use it wisely…

  15. You know, I actually sort of had an epiphany myself recently about my life. I’ve been learning to play the bagpipes, and each day, I tell myself that I will only be good at it if I practice every single day. If a day goes by where I don’t practice, I’m just cheating myself. People always have good intentions, and one day before you know it – you are all out of chances. If you want to climb a mountain, climb it!

  16. Juicebox

    The bagpipes seem like a great thing to take up…good luck keep at it. Thanks for the encouragement…

  17. I have lived a pretty unfulfilling life. I hope to make myself enjoying life more.

  18. Leafless

    Well the great thing about his life, is you can start fresh anytime you want…somethings are blessings in disguise

  19. pop

    Haven’t been Sky diving But I think I remember telling you how I shuffled off the back end of a C130 withthe Sceaming Eagles “stand up, hook up,shuffle out the door. Oh Yeah memories. Keep those goals in front of you Zman

  20. Pop

    Thanks will do

  21. well, in a way i hate thinking about goals. part of me gets depressed thinking about all the things i’ve failed or been too scared to accomplish/ try. The other part of me gets excited thinking about new endeavors.

    i guess my favorite accomplished goal so far is making it to Italy. Just going there changed my life. My family is from there, so of course it had a bit of a deeper meaning than just being beautiful. nonetheless, it was something I wanted to do since I was 5.

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