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Baseball As a Social Religion!!!



No doubt in my mind that people that are devoted sports fans (Baseball Fan especially) are more socially well rounded then most.  My Penelope and I have engaged ourselves in this year’s Yankee season cause we purchased the baseball package from our local cable provider.  So nightly we watch the soap opera that is major league baseball.  It gets me to thinking that the connection that baseball fans  make to each other is unlike any others social connection.  I would invite someone over to watch a baseball game,  even if the only reason was to watch our two teams do battle.  There is someone I work with that I will call JD,  he is some years younger and we dont have too much in commen. But the one thing we socially connect on is the fact the he is a Phillies Fan and I am a Yankees Fan.  And as guys do we sit and talk about how our teams rule and they couldnt possibly be beat by the other.  To me, unlike any other sport baseball and its fans is one of those things that brings people together that would otherwise have no reason to socialize.   People will talk more about their team and its situation then they would their family or job.   Men grow up and remember the times that their father took them to a game when they were younger.   Those memories are relived with their children when they take them to a game….For me I love the game even with all it’s imperfections….just a quick baseball thought…

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17 Yrs!!!

BB63 - New Jersey in 83'

BB63 - New Jersey in 83'

In exactly 2 yrs and 364 days I can pull the pin on this job.   Yesterday I went over 17 yrs in the Navy.  Its seems like just yesterday I was walking through the doors of the recruiting office, thinking I knew everydam thing.  I actually enlisted in 91 but was in Delayed Entry for a yr before I shipped the Boot Camp in Great Lakes IL.   There was a time when I thought yeah I will be a 30 yr man.  I had it all planned what was going to be what and where.  Dont know though, as some point I ran out of gas and never really had a chance to stop and refuel along the way.  For me, it was probably the duty stations I chose and when I chose them.  Had I planned a little better, I would be a little further along in my career and maybe still have some fuel left in the tank.  I wrote some time ago that the problem with an empty tank is that you lose passion and fire for the job that you do.   Penelope is always telling me, wait until you are a civilian and things are a shock to me.  At least I will have a choice of what I want to do when I grow up..thats always what I say….just a quick countdown thought

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