Crabby Old Man Wins it in 09′

…Well it was decided today at the morning production meeting in a rather unanimous once around the table vote that Mr Mills’ Blog would be the 2009 Zeus Gazette Blog of the Year.  The poll the Gazette posted made it a rather easy decision to make.  Mr Mills kvetching about the young people today and all their faults make it one of the most interesting blog reads of the day. 


Congratulations Mr Mills !!
Congratulations Mr Mills !!

 So now that the fresh fruit and candy yams have arrived,  they can turn the heat off and I can rest for a while.   From the Ranch…just a quick voting thought

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22 thoughts on “Crabby Old Man Wins it in 09′

  1. Congrats to the winner!

  2. highway

    well guess its time for highway to return to the office hmm supply boat came good

    • Highway

      Yes please do before i replace you with the boy that rakes out the stables and give you his job…..thanks

  3. pop

    You know the late Johnny Cash wrote a song about people like him ” Cry,Cry Cry”
    Congrats sour puss

  4. Just Me

    Sorry DarcKnyt, I tried….Congrats to the winner.. 🙂

    • Just me

      Yeah Darc Knyt also has a damn fine blog…….you were really politicing for him….but hey the board has voted and the people have spoken…..

    • I’m just grateful for the support, Just Me! No worries! Thank you, and please feel free to come ’round and say “hi” at my house. 🙂

  5. Many thanks Zman…(and to the 13 family members that voted for COF).

    Thanks most of all for giving me a list of fine blogs to check out. Bschooled in 2010!


    • Don

      You are very welcome….2010 is a long way home we will have to wait until then and see…thanks for stoppin bye

  6. Mr. Mills Congratulations!!!

  7. xxhawkeyexx

    Thanks fro stopping by my blog! I really like yours. 😀
    Take care,

  8. xxhawkeyexx

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I really like yours. 😀
    Take care,

  9. Thanks for having this!! I wish my computer hadn’t been down for this last week so I could have checked out some of the other blogs and voted. Maybe next year.

    Maybe now the Crabby Old Man won’t be so crabby. 🙂

    • Yellow Cat

      Word around the office is that..Yellow Cat is the odds on favorite for next year…..thanks for stoppin in

  10. Congrats to Mr. Mills! Well deserved!

  11. I love the trophy design. Looks very Zeus-Gazette -ish.

  12. ahahahaaaa…. love it! There should be a crabyoungman!

    • I think there can only one Mr Mills…he is enough crabbiness for the this blogosphere…and universe…thanks for stoppin in

  13. I never had a chance. I was away. I have a character based blog. He’s old. It’s not fair. Soon he will be dead. For you see, I plan to kill him. HA! Just kidding. He’s a funny old man. Way to go Don!!!

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