MARCC Part IX – Building Happenings!!

Sometimes a curious place!!!

Sometimes a curious place!!!

Life always seems to go in wavelengths i.e. ups and downs.   One of my friends that I work with is going through a personal crisis and everyone at work is trying to help her through it.  I feel really sad for her and wish there was something that I could do besides cut her grass or pull up a carpet, but somethings you just have  to be there to help.  She seems to be doing okay for now, she is a brave person and her courage is admirable.  On a building front,  a new CPO checked in and is going to be running the division…DAM That was my job!!!!!….SKC seems like a nice enough guy, he commented that he is retiring in 2 yrs and looking forward to it…….On another CPO note, my mentor and friend SKC H is retiring tomorow, and I cant help but think that the Navy will really be losing a great Sailor.  She was someone that was there for me when I was sick and it really meant alot to Penelope and myself.   Things are moving along are at work, my crew works really hard and they are alot of fun to work around.   I did however get some bad news about a fellow First Class from his coworkers about the duty section that I will unfortunately have to take for action….dam this is going to stink….Just waiting for the Wavelength to take an upswing and stay there for a while….just a quick work thought


Sports Update –  Garden City 46  Gladiators O  – Looks like this season is going to be more of the same!!!

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16 thoughts on “MARCC Part IX – Building Happenings!!

  1. highway

    woohoo office is open

    • Yes yes we are back for now… get back to work…before i PUT YOU IN THE MAILROOM…

  2. Just Me

    Yeah he’s back. He thinks i don’t like his blog but he is wrong. I just don’t like when he makes me out to be the bad guy. Maybe he will be nicer to me now..

  3. Things’ll be on the upswing soon, Zman, I’m sure of it. Hang in there, bud.

  4. Knyt

    Yeah thanks..hope sooner then later..thanks for stoppin in…

  5. I’m sorry your friend is going through a rough time. It’s great that you’re able to lend a hand though I know what you mean about wishing you could do more. When friends are in crisis you wish you could just erase all the crap.

    I’ve no doubt the wavelengths will swing right back up for you, zman!

    • Talon

      Yeah she is a trooper..very courageous she is…i try and do what i can we all do…hoping the wl goes up soon….thanks

  6. Change is always there, embrace the changes! It is great that you are there for your co-worker.

    • Tobeme

      Yeah change is rough in my job but hey thats life…..yeah she is strong…..thanks

  7. If I was your co-worker Zman, I’d feel blessed that I had someone like you around, offering to cut my grass or even just pulling out a carpet.

    If only there were more people like you around.


    ps. I’m glad you’re back! For some reason I was having trouble posting comments on your previous post…

  8. xxhawkeyexx

    I wish good luck to your friend, and it’s nice to know that you’ve been worried and want to help her out. 😀
    I’m sure she’s grateful since she has people who are there for her.
    Don’t give up!
    Take care,

    • Hawk

      Thanks will pass on your good wishes….hope all is well in your world…….thanks for stoppin bye

  9. Thought I lost ya there for a few, dude. I totally couldn’t get onto your blog, and had no idea how to find you anywhere else.

    • Auntie Juicebox

      No just took a break for a little bit, the work is tiring and sometimes the retreat to the ranch is not enough..but i AM here…thanks for stoppin bye though

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