My Favorites Pt III


Now let me take a second just to double check, I have posted about my favorite places to eat and my favorite movie scenes of all time.  I love to read it’s one of those things that let’s me take a mental break from the world.  I usually read that same time everyday and usually sit in the same place when I do.  For me, reading is like watching a little movie,   I imagine what the characters might look like and match them up with someone I know or some famous actor that would play them on tv or in the movies.  I have even guessed right a few times when the book was made into a movie, on who played the main character of the book.  Hmm beat that….So here are my 10 Favorite books of all time in no certain order

Tuesday with Morrie   by Mitch Albom   – Outstanding read about life’s lessons.                                                                           

About Alice by Calvin Trillon  –  Great read about love and life

Audacity Of Hope by Barack Obama  – Not very well written but a great story about overcoming adversity

Night by Elie Wiesel  –  Was written in the 50’s and it absolutely blew me away….probably my favorite…

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak  –  The reason I love to read.  First book I ever read by myself..was  maybe 5 or so.

Descent into Darkness by Edward Raymer –  One of the best WWII books I have ever read.

The Five People You Meet Heaven  by Mitch Albom  – Great story about redemption, fate and forgiveness.

A Civil Action  by Jonathan Herr –   Another great story about life and greed.

MacBeth  By Shakespeare   –   A MUST READ FOR ALL.

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch – Bravest guy I have ever even read about.

Just a quick read a book thought….

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18 thoughts on “My Favorites Pt III

  1. pelagian7

    I am a collector of books and have discovered some amazing books too. I have read most of those listed above. May I recommend,
    *The Red Lion, Orsi 1946, vermes gives a good translation.
    *In the Heart of The Sea, philbrick. The inspiration for Moby dick.
    *Before the flood, wilson. Enlightening especially since nat. geos human gene project.
    *Gorgon, by Peter Ward. The T-rex before dinosaurs.

  2. Great list, Zman. I’d also like to mention here Barnaby Conrad’s Matador which you might enjoy, and The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway which is a great and very fast read (I can do it in an evening after dinner and before bedtime, depending on dinner time).

    Thanks for the heads-up on these books. 🙂

  3. Nice work, Zman! I have only read Tuesdays With Morrie and The Five People You Meet in Heaven, but since they are two of my favorites as well, I will take your advice and read some of the others…About Alice and Night are next on my list…:)

  4. Just Me

    “Where the Wild Things Are” best book ever. My favorite as a kid also. I need to pick up a copy..

  5. What a wonderfully eclectic list, zman. I adore Where the Wild Things Are. The artwork is perfect, too, isn’t it?

    The Last Lecture – it resounds and resounds.

    So Obama speaks better than he writes? Interesting…

    • Talon

      Yeah I dont know anyone that doesnt love Where the Wild Things Are…….Yeah Obama book was great but choppy kind of like obama off the prompter…..thanks for stoppin bye

  6. I read every night before I go to sleep. I don’t read many literary books…mostly murder mysteries and comedies. My favourite of all time is Lonesome Dove. It takes place back when the west was wild and even now, the west can be more wild than I like so I can relate to the hardships the men faced.

    I’ll have to check out some of your recommendations.

    • Y Cat

      Have never read LD perhaps someday..too me those were always up there with Zane Gray…just not exciting for me…but they work for you and get you to your happy place so you go then….thanks for stoppin bye

  7. pop

    All views welcomed and appreciated. A former mentor and friend told me some time ago that no story was ever succesful that takes place in the first person( told through one person) Everything is seen through His/Her eyes.Yet I have conducted my own research and found this to be not necessarily true. I have read books by a number of credible authors who wrote in the first person. Zman,Darc Knyt, Pen of passion, all of you. I would like to hear your views on this most important point. Your candor is welcome. I can write in either style,albeit I find the former much easier

    • Pop

      I have always enjoyed biographies, because of the point of view they were told from. Most people tell the story of their life…from the moment of impact then flash back to the beginning and tell you how they got their………..those to me are the stories that are the most credible..cause they are based on fact also cause their is always a logical sequence to them. so if thats first person then i think writing a story that way is the best…thanks for stoppin bye

  8. Z Man,
    That is a great list! My favorite out your list is The Five People You Meet In Heaven, wonderful story which I never tire of. Thanks for sharing your favorites!

    • Tobeme

      Yeah thanks….Yeah Five People was great i thought…Mitch Albom is a wonderful storyteller….thanks for stopping bye…

  9. I’m always interested in everyone’s favorite reading list. I’ve stumbled across some really great things that way. I love Shakespeare but my best friend, who is an English teacher for cryin’ out loud, does not! It’s just sick and wrong, if you ask me. 🙂

    I’ll read just about anything and everything. While I feel life is too short for bad books, even if the book is terrible…I still feel the need to finish it.

    • Heather Jo

      I agree life is too short for bad reading but that book often to teaches you something about yourself……thanks for stoppin bye dont be a stranger

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