Theatre Field Day !!

Spic and Span Clean !!!

Spic and Span Clean !!!

…One of the many sayings in the Navy (AND ONE THAT MOST PEOPLE HATE) is the word Field Day.  It means to clean a room from top to bottom, and while Sailors take pride in their surroundings field days usually coincide with another daily tradition LIBERTY.   So today when I opened the theatre I decided maybe it was time to do some cleaning of my own.  I cleaned out the widgets and thingamajigs,  I wiped down the counters and tightened up the blogroll.  To me, sometimes a good cleansing is what straightens things up.  When we distance ourselves from the old machinery and dustbunnies we can often get a new perspective on an old space.  Yes siree this cleaner space is free of boringness and those pain in the ass dustbunnies who never do anything unless you get rid of them all on your own….Just a quick cleaner theatre thought…

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17 thoughts on “Theatre Field Day !!

  1. blissbait

    never saw the old
    but i’m wearing sunglasses
    this site is sparkling! 🙂

    Thanks and Congrats.

    May All Beings Be Happy.

    • Bliss

      Thanks….Hope your world is full of light and your smile is bright…thanks for stoppin bye

  2. pop

    In the Army they’re called GI Party They generally begin after supper on the day in question and last well into the evening. i’ll tell ya It’s amazing how nice the place looks the next morning,but alas it never lasts

  3. sounds like a good party

  4. Just Me

    Ah, Field Days….Brings a tear to my eye…….

  5. I feel you. Although I was never in the service; I have my own field days. Whether it’s literal cleaning or on a site, I procrastinate like hell, but once I get started I’m a whirlwind. And it feels good. It is that time of year isn’t it?

    • Scott

      Yeah a whole new clean look gives a better mental state I think,…thanks for stoppin bye

  6. The place looks wonderful, Zman. I’ll try not to spill any popcorn!

    It’s always great to have things nice and tidy. Those dust bunnies start thinking they own the place!

    • Talon

      Thanks…going to put one of your pics in the lobby next to the popcorn and broccoli machine….thanks for stoppin bye

  7. xxhawkeyexx

    Nice post!
    Cleaning is always a good way to get stress out and get you place nice and clean :)!
    Take care,

  8. highway

    i agree with you i know i like to keep my casa nice and clean nothing worse than a filthy house anyways highways casa is nice great to be here at the office gotta take some time away from the crazy life things moving at breakneck speed here anyhows keep up the great postings im gonna mozy on out for a bbit im gone

  9. Well as it’s my first time here in your theatre, I don’t know just how filthy it was, but it looks great now!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I’ll be back!

    • LL Cool

      Not terribly dirty just needed to be straightend up……..chandalier job was the toughest…thanks for stopping bye

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