Stress Cracks on The Ranch!!!


 Peace !!!

Peace !!!

I THINK MY CREW AT WORK IS TRYING TO KILL ME !!!…I know they are not, just the issues that have come up in the last week or so are just causing me serious stress cracks…I feel like a machine that is working but there are little energy leaks here and there.  They are probably the most talented and hardest working crew I have ever had the pleasure of supervising, but geez louise if they cannot create issues.  If it is not,  He said-she said I dont like this persons stuff then its baby mama drama.  One of my guys is also going through a life changing personal crisis, and I am trying to help them out as well.  I need to take a quick vacation and get refocused, but I dont know anyone in the places I would like to go……The Moon would be perfect,  but I will settle for some place out west.   Its funny cause after going through more serious things then work issues its the work issues that are causing the most stress.  I really like my crew and think the world of them but geez I wish they would just put me out my misery already. HAHAH….Just a quick stressful thought.

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20 thoughts on “Stress Cracks on The Ranch!!!

  1. the photo is fantastic

  2. Perez Christina

    nice pic

  3. “Baby mama drama”…

    You kill me, Zman.

    Let me know i fyou find any good deals to the moon…

    ps. I love that photo.

    • Bschool

      Yeah I will definetely let you know if orbitz gives me a good deal on the moon…..thanks for stoppin bye

  4. It will be winter soon and everyone will focus their energies on staying warm rather than fighting. Just keep looking for cooler weather.

    • Never thought i would want winter to get here so soon but i think you are right about that….thanks for the words of encouragement..

  5. The song was the perfect accompaniment to the lovely photo. I hope things settle down soon. It’s amazing how exhausting OPS can be (other people’s stress) . I thought the acronym would make it sound a bit lighter 🙂

    • Talon

      PERFECT ACRONYM WITH THE KIND OF WORK I do as well…thanks i am hoping for a break in the action … have to dream right…thanks

  6. There’s water on the moon and talk of colonizing it in the future. You may make it there yet. I’m routing for ya!

  7. highway

    good tune z-man i hear you when its time to get some quiet time highway heads west my suggestion go real west bound head out to arizona sedona to be exact thats what the highway did anyways dont worry about the bannana heads at work like i say screw it love ya bro

  8. Highway

    Thanks for the advice….keep truckin..highway is westbound and down i guess what ever that means

  9. You can always come to Spain. I have an extra house (that I usually rent out) people can stay in. Think about it!

    • Scott

      Thanks that’s very kind but I was thinking more along the lines…of I dont know..spose i need to think about it more…

  10. I’m so pleased I’ve always been self employed. I can’t handle my own stress, let alone everyone elses!

  11. What an AMAZING picture! 🙂

  12. xxhawkeyexx

    Nice pic!
    About your crew, well…just try to help them out, but don’t get too involved in the “drama”.
    Take care,

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