Gladiator Football 09′

Days of Winning Teams!!

Days of Winning Teams!!

The theatre is cranking well,  The yankees have locked up the east and Big Blue has cruised to a 3-0 start.  Besides some stress cracks I have from work issues, things should be good with me.  However as I perused the local sports pages I noticed  the NHP Gladiators are once again off to a 1-2 start.  What’s disappointing is that they have not only lost they have gotten their asses handed to them.  46-0 to Garden City and 41-0 to MacArthur, as I see it you lose that bad you are not even trying.  As a fan of the game, I think the sports teams are partly responsible to the fans to put a team on the field that can compete and if they cannot someone needs to find a head coach that can.   I know I said it last season Coach Dolan just cannot seem to fire up his team enough to get excited about winning…least thats how I see it…just a quick FIRE COACH DOLAN thought

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23 thoughts on “Gladiator Football 09′

  1. Don’t hit me but…Boo! Yankees! LoL 😀

  2. My team hasn’t won in over 100 years so I can’t say squat. 😀

  3. Heather Jo

    Your teams time will come….

  4. Go Yankees!

  5. Ouch! Those scores hurt! Definitely sounds like a change needs to be made!

  6. My Steelers are breaking my heart so far. Without Troy they are sucking ass big time. Congrats on the Giants, they do look good even without the felon. I met him a few times in Pgh and he seemed nice enough. I never would have guessed he was packing heat. I agree that if a high school is losing that badly the coach has to go. Unless other schools in the area are cheating with residency requirements and taking all the talent. I have seen that happen before. But all things being equal, the talent level should be closer than the scores are suggesting. So bring out the lynch mob.

  7. highway

    we ll who cares high school ball is just that highschool ball hey who cares if nhp football sucks or if coach dolan sucks lets move on

    • My creative director wants to move on…he is not happy with the issues that we have brought up….in good time grasshopper….we will move on to discuss other things

  8. As a Brit, I can’t give an opinion on football. Actually I couldn’t give you an opinion on British soccer either! 😀

    • LL CooL j

      You can give an opinion on whatever you want…this is a free country and arent brits big soccer fans????

  9. I agree with you…if the coach can’t produce a team, then the coach needs to go. Our school fired the high school basketball coach last year and he was shocked. I don’t know why, he hasn’t had a winning season in 5 years.

    • Yellow Cat

      Yeah Coach Dolan has not had a winning season in 8 yrs…but they seem to stick with him…should have been gone a few seasons ago……..

  10. I tried to comment before and it didn’t show up! As a Brit football doesn’t mean much to me, but then soccer doesn’t either.

  11. OOps, it did show up!! Sorry! Yes most Brits are into soccer, I’m not!


    they have a coach that can take them where they wanna go..too bad hes coaching junior high tho..he is hands down the best coach new hyde park has right now…great motivator at half time…one day they’ll see..they’ll see for sure

    • Gladiator

      I dont doubt his motivational skill….but how many seasons of not winning the big game before you say okay lets move on to someone that can get us over the hump… city…hewlett…are not going away need to beef up the program and Coach Dolan cannot seem to do that……thanks for stopping bye

  13. xxhawkeyexx

    Good coach=good team.
    But it also depends on the players.
    I think a team needs a good coach and competitive players.
    Nice post,

  14. pop

    40 zip and 41 zip I’d fire more than Coach Dolan I’d fire the whole @#$T$% Team along with the trainers cheerleaders,the school principle, and the Parents too. Better still instead of firing the cheerleaders, they know the game Pick 11 of them and let them get in there and kick some NHP ass

    • POP

      Yeah coach dolan should get the boot..but someone thinks he is doing a great job..go figure….

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